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(Testimony of Frederick S. O'sullivan)

Mr. Liebeler.
Can you remember anything else about Oswald at the time he was in Beauregard Junior High School with you, about his friendships? Did he have many friends at that time, or do you recall?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. No; I believe he and I, because of the spelling of our last names, were possibly in the same homeroom in the morning, but I really don't recall anything. i don't recall much about any of the students at Beauregard or at Warren Easton. I sort of--I was an athlete, and we stayed away from the rest of the students. They had a thing that they kept us away from the rest of the students pretty much.
Mr. Liebeler.
You say you were an athlete at Beauregard?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Yes, sir.
Mr. Liebeler.
What particular sport were you involved in?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Football and track, and the same at Warren Easton.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did Oswald, as far as you know, ever have anything to do with sports activities?
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you remember whether Oswald and Voebel were close acquaintances at that time, or do you know?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Only in that Voebel left the New Orleans squadron and went out to Moisant and evidently---or I believe he talked Oswald into coming out there with him.
Mr. Liebeler.
Now you don't know of your own knowledge whether or not Oswald ever did join the Civil Air Patrol, do you?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. No; I don't know that he signed any papers or had uniforms or anything. I know that he came out to New Orleans Airport and attended some of the meetings, but Whether he just--you see, a lot of time people would come out and sit in the classes to deride whether they wanted to join or not. We will allow this, hoping to get more cadets. I don't know that he ever signed any papers or joined. You can check with the Louisiana Wing Headquarters and they can give it to you.
Mr. Liebeler.
You don't know whether Oswald ever did actually go out to Moisant Field to Civil Air Patrol meetings at that place?
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you have rifles as a part of your Civil Air Patrol program? Did you have rifle practice and drill with rifles?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. We didn't drill with rifles, but we did belong to the NRA and we did fire rifles on the range, and also when we went to summer camp we would fire on the range.
Mr. Liebeler.
NRA is the National Rifle Association? Is that correct?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Correct.
Mr. Liebeler.
What kind of rifles did you fire when you went to summer camp?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Now I am getting summer camp mixed up with the National Guard. I believe we fired .22's in the CAP.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you ever observe Oswald engage in rifle practice of any kind in connection with CAP activities?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. No, sir.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you know whether or not Oswald ever did engage in any rifle practice in connection with the CAP?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. No, sir.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you know David Ferrie, F-e-r-r-i-e?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Yes, sir; I know him.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you know of any Connection between Oswald and David Ferrie?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. No; I have no personal knowledge of anything.
Mr. Liebeler.
Ferrie was involved with the CAP squadron at New Orleans Airport at the time Voebel and Oswald came out to, join it? Is that correct?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Ferrie was in charge of the squadron, and then there was a Captain Hinton. Now I was in the squadron for 6 years, so I am not sure who was in charge at what particular time. I am not sure. He could have been. He may have been, but I am not sure. I know that when he left the New Orleans squadron, Ferrie did have something to do with the Moisant
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