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I became interested in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1993. Both inspired and confused by Oliver Stone's JFK, I decided to dig deeper. I read the Warren Report, books by Jim Garrison, Jim Marrs, Silvia Meagher and others. The JFK's assassination stayed on my mind.

I created a webpage about the JFK assassination in 1996 - four years after I read the first book. There were only a very few web sites about this topic back then. Needless to say, the number of sites that were good and informative were even fewer. It is still very hard to get first hand evidence and sources about the assassination, especially outside of the U.S. That's why I published the Warren Report well as some of the Commission's Hearings - about 100 testimonies and a few affidavits.

Publishing a web site in 1996 in Germany, however, meant that you had to find a provider. The Internet was not so well known back then, and »ISP« was an unknown acronym. my university allowed me to publish my work on their server. So that's where I started, and the site was a major success. Almost 10.000 people visited the site every month.

After I left the university, the site went unmaintained for about two years. But because it was still one of the major sites covering this topic on the net, I moved it to an independent service provider, changing the design (once more) and re-publishing it in November of 2001.

The site became a huge hit in November of 2003, the 40th anniversary of JFK's death. An incredible number of people wanted to learn about the assassination. The traffic broke my budget, and I had to take the site offline. I'm terribly sorry about that, but there was no other way. I started to re-design the site a few months later, and it turned out to be a huge job. I decided to make all of the testimonies and affidavits as well as a searchable interface for them available. Every serious researcher should be able to go to my site and find the piece of information he wants, along with its referencing scheme. It took three months, but I finally got it together. All 495 of witness testimonies and affidavits are available online now. The complete index, created by Walt Brown, has been dropped in favour of the search interface. So if you're looking for something special, use this.

Here are some stats: 633 testimonies, 87 affidavits, 8483 web pages, 60 MB text size.

About the Author

Here are some facts about me for all the curious of you:
    Name: Ralph Schuster
    Age: 52 years
    Profession: IT Manager
    Residence: Frankfurt/Main, Germany
    Other projects: Ticket-Bob - Ticket Management for your private events.

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