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Assassination Chronicles(by JFK Lancer Productions)
Shopping site for the most worthy journal on this issue.
Assassination Science(by Jim Fetzner)
Fetzner covers lots of details about the "Lone Nut" theory. Here you'll find answers on how to think about Posner's Case Closed. Worths reading.
Attentat auf Kennedy(by Lothar Buchholz)
A German website (in German) that covers many topics and stories, including news and documentaries aired in Germany.
Black Op Radio
Black Op Radio is a website where you can listen to live broadcasts that cover the assassination. The site is somehow connected to the Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site. Clint Bradford)
Provides a lot of material. Amazing wealth of information.
CTKA Home Page(by CTKA)
CTKA (Sit-kah) is an activist group lobbying for full disclosure of all records relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. This is their web site. Good information here.
Dealey Plaza Map(by Don Roberdeau)
Professionally surveyed map detailing 11-22-63 victims' precise locations, witnesses, films & photos, evidence, suspected bullet trajectories, suspects & groups, and important information & considerations gathered in one convenient resource. Definitely worth to visit.
El Asesinato de Kennedy(by Antonio Moreno)
The first and to my knowledge only page covering the assassination in Spanish. He has an English section, though.
History Place - President Kennedy Photos
So far, one of the few web sites that cover the man John F. Kennedy.
The place where to look at when you need his biography.
JFK Files(by Dale Myers)
A site by researcher Dale Myers. It's basically an ad for a video: "...a computer animation project aimed at adding a new level of clarity to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Motion geometry from the Zapruder film is applied to a full-scale 3D computer model of Dealey Plaza." Dale once said, "The average guy doesn't do what I do."
JFK Lancer(by JFK Lancer Productions)
For many years now, the best place to start, to end, to read, to buy, to download, to chat... - whatever. You will definitely go back there!
JFK Murdered - The Kennedy Assassination(by John McAdams)
John McAdams is an advocate of the other side of the story: the lone assassin theory. His website is definitely one of the best I've ever seen. Check it out!
This site covers a lot of resources about the assassination. Dankbaar even sells books by himself, e.g. Files on JFK.
JFK Page(by Larry Charbonneau)
Images, links, sounds. It was set up »to provide a wide range of information regarding the Kennedy Assassination and the events surrounding it.«
Kill Zone(by Craig Roberts)
Very disappointing site by the first hand witness. Basically he just describes his books and tries to sell it to you.
Paperless Archives JFK(by BAC Marketing)
A collection of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis material. Images of documents, text, photos, video and audio from the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, National Security Agency, National Archive Records Administration, State Department, Assassination Records Review Board, Warren Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, Dallas Police Department, House Select Committee on Assassinations, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library & more.
Real History Archives(by Lisa Pease)
The Real History Archive is a web site featuring lots of interesting things, such as transcripts of Radio Pacifica interviews with assassination researchers, book reviews, and much more.
Sandras Kennedy Homepage(by Sandra Hager)
A German Website - merely a list of links to other JFK or his family related German sites.
The Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Reference Site(by Len Osanic)
The Col. L Fletcher Prouty Reference Site is a focal point where researchers can locate and retrieve articles, books, videos, and tapes on a variety of subjects which Fletcher has written and participated in.
The Kennedy Assassination for the Novice(by Ed Dorsch)
A good point to start at! They "provide sound bites, text, photographs, scanned documents, video, articles and exclusives written for this site only..."
The Men on the Sixth Floor
The site basically sells the book »Men on the sixth floor.« However, you'll find a few articles here.
The Missing Chapter(by Tim Swike)
This website covers the time Oswald spent in the Far East, in Japan, before he got linked to the assassination case. Tim debates some myths surrounding this time. Although the site is dedicated to sell a book, you will find some good information. So check it out.
The Nook of Eclectic Inquiry(by J.W. Masland)
News, testimonies from the WC and HSCA. He got a few testimonies and the report online.
The Posner File(by Gerald and Trisha Posner)
Gerald Posner has written the controversial book "Case closed". On his homepage you can find more about his work and his other projects.
US National Archives & Records Administration
The JFK Assassination Records Collection at the NARA site provides a jumping-off point for finding online records related to the assassination. Sites like this one are what the web is all about, if you'll pardon the editorializing.
Although this is not a website about the assassination, you'll find an excellent, neutral article about the topic and many links to other, related topics. Worths visiting!

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