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(Testimony of Frederick S. O'sullivan)

Mr. Liebeler.
I understand that you knew Lee Oswald when he attended a junior high school here in New Orleans. Is that correct?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Yes; Beauregard Junior High.
Mr. Liebeler.
Beauregard Junior High?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. On Canal Street.
Mr. Liebeler.
Your own education included attendance at Beauregard Junior High School?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. It did.
Mr. Liebeler.
How long did you go to Beauregard?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. One year.
Mr. Liebeler.
And where did you go prior to that time?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. St. Dominic's.
Mr. Liebeler.
St. Dominic's?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Elementary school.
Mr. Liebeler.
Here in New Orleans?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. In Lakeview in New Orleans.
Mr. Liebeler.
After you left Beauregard, where did you go?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. I went to Warren Easton Senior High School.
Mr. Liebeler.
Is that here in New Orleans also?
Mr. Liebeler.
And did you graduate from Warren Easton High School?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. I did.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you attend college at any place?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Yes; I am in college in Loyola right now through a police department scholarship.
Mr. Liebeler.
Tell us everything that you can remember about Oswald when you knew him at Beauregard Junior High School, how you met him, what contacts you had with him, just the whole story.
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. All right. I was a cadet in Civil Mr. Patrol, and while I was in Beauregard we were having a recruiting drive to get more cadet members in the New Orleans squadron, and there were three fellows at the school that I talked to in particular about joining that. One was Joseph Thompson, one was Edward Voebel--I am not sure how that name is spelled--and Lee Harvey Oswald. My reason for asking Oswald to join was I noticed--we had a drill team, we were real proud of our drill team.
Mr. Liebeler.
This was a marching team?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. A marching unit; yes, sir, and Oswald carried himself always erect, always gave the impression that he could be marching, that he may be marching, eyes straight ahead, head straight, shoulders back, so he impressed me as the sort of a fellow that would really fit well on the drill team. He seemed like he could--well, he even gave the impression that he would make a pretty good leader if he ever got into the squadron, so with this recruiting drive I asked the three of them to come out to the airport. I explained what we did out there, marching and flying on the weekends and so forth to them at school. Joseph Thompson and Oswald and Voebel all three came out to the airport. Joe Thompson stayed in the squadron, and Oswald came to one or two meetings, possibly three, along with Voebel. However, Voebel then joined the Civil Air Patrol at Moisant Airport, and because he was a closer friend of Oswald, he evidently talked Oswald into coming out to the squadron he had joined.
Mr. Liebeler.
At Moisant Field?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. At Moisant Airport.
Mr. Liebeler.
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Yes. Incidentally, Oswald---I didn't know this until I read it in the paper--lived only a half a block from me for a short time. I lived in Lakeview at 800 French Street, I believe, and he lived either in the 800 or the 700 block of French Street.
Mr. Liebeler.
That would have been in 1963 when he came here to New Orleans? Is that correct?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Oh, I didn't live there at that time. No, I moved from French Street around 1957.
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