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(Testimony of Frederick S. O'sullivan)

Mr. Liebeler.
squadron, so he may have. If he wasn't in charge when Oswald was out at New Orleans Airport, he may have been in charge when he went to Moisant Airport.
Mr. Liebeler.
But you don't know of any time that Oswald associated with or knew Ferrie through the Civil Air Patrol?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. No; I am not sure of any.
Mr. Liebeler.
Now you said that you had no personal knowledge or no direct knowledge of any relationship between Oswald and Ferrie?
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you have any information that would lead you to believe that there was a relationship between these two men?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Only that when all of this broke with Oswald, I went through all of the old CAP files that were available, trying to get some information for the Secret Service, the people who had called me up at home, and----
Mr. Liebeler.
Where were these files located?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. These files are in the possession of one Robert Boylston.
Mr. Liebeler.
Who was he?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. He was also a member of the CAP at the time we all were, at New Orleans.
Mr. Liebeler.
How did the records come to be in his possession?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. He is a senior member now. He has maybe recently dropped out, but he was a senior member and these records were just turned over to him in the whole filing cabinet. They are all old records. I am trying to get the thing straight in my mind. Of course, I have been trying to get it straight in my mind, just what I know and what I have heard. It gets kind of confusing when you read so much. Sometimes you remember things that you don't really remember, you know.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you find anything in these files that related to Ferrie or Oswald?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Well, we found papers signed by Ferrie but nothing in relation to Oswald. His name wasn't mentioned in anything at all that we could find, so we assumed at that time that Oswald was in the Moisant squadron. I believe they even had in the paper the dates, and we checked those particular dates and it turned out that Ferrie was in a transition between the New Orleans squadron and the Moisant squadron in these dates, so he could have been involved either way with Oswald. I don't know if he was involved, he could have been.
Mr. Liebeler.
But you found nothing in the files?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Nothing concrete.
Mr. Liebeler.
That you investigated as to the relation between Oswald and Ferric?
Mr. Liebeler.
Am I correct in understanding that there has been publicity here in the New Orleans area concerning a possible relationship between Oswald and Ferrie?
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Yes, sir; I believe Captain Ferric was arrested. I am sure he was arrested, and I believe it was in connection with this Oswald situation. He was booked at the first district station. I don't know just what he was charged with, I believe just 107, under investigation of whatever it was, I don't know.
Mr. Liebeler.
Now you go ahead.
Mr. O'SULLIVAN. Lieutenant Dwyer, Paul Dwyer, from the New Orleans Police Department, intelligence division, I accompanied him out to New Orleans Airport where we found Dave Ferrie's airplane. We wanted to check it to see if it was flyable, to see possibly whether he had been flying it lately, with the thought that he may have transported Oswald. to Dallas. This isn't my thought, this was brought up to me, and we found his plane, but his plane was not in flyable condition. It. had fiat tires, instruments missing, needed a paint job. We also checked to see if he had rented an aircraft from any of the companies out there, and one company in particular said that they wouldn't rent him an airplane.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did they tell you why?
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