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(APPENDIX XIII - Biography of Lee Harvey Oswald)


Oswald did not contact his wife immediately when he returned to Dallas. He went to the office of the employment commission, where he filed an unemployment compensation claim 1207 and announced that he was again looking for work.1208 He spent the night at the YMCA, where he registered as a serviceman in order to avoid paying the membership fee.1209 On the following day, he applied for a job as a typesetter trainee at the Padgett Printing Co. He made a favorable impression on the department foreman, but the plant superintendent called Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall and decided not to hire Oswald because of the unfavorable responses which his inquiries produced.1210 Later that day, Oswald telephoned Marina and asked her to have Mrs. Paine pick him up in Dallas. Marina refused, and he hitchhiked out to the Paine home,1211 where he spent part or all of the weekend.1210 Marina testified that although her husband "changed for the better" and treated her better after his Mexican trip,1213 she did not want to live with him because she was pregnant and thought it would be better "to be with a woman who spoke English and Russian." 1214 On Monday, October 7, Mrs. Paine drove Oswald to the bus station, and he returned to Dallas to look for a job and a place to live.1215

Oswald thought that the YMCA was too expensive for him, and intended to rent a room.1216 He inquired about a room at 1026 North Beckley, where he lived later, but on October 7 there were no vacancies.1217 He next responded to a "For Rent" sign at a rooming house at 621 Marsalis Street. He obtained a room, for which he paid the weekly rent of $7 in advance, and moved in on the same day.1218 He immediately resumed his job- hunting, relying partially on referrals by the employment commission.1219 He spent much of the time when he was not looking for work in his room.1220 He telephoned his wife daily.1221 She wrote: "Lee called twice a day, was worried about my health and about June." 1222 On Friday, Oswald told his landlady, Mrs. Mary Bledsoe, that he was going to Irving for the weekend but would return the following week. She refused to rent the room to him for another week because she didn't like him.1223

Oswald spent the weekend of October 12-13 at Mrs. Paine's home, during which time she gave him a driving lesson.1224 He told her that he had received the last of the unemployment checks due him, and that it had been smaller than the previous ones. Mrs. Paine testified that Oswald was extremely discouraged because his wife was expecting a baby, he had no job prospects in sight, and he no longer had any source of income.1225

On Monday, Mrs. Paine drove Oswald into Dallas, since she had other business there.1226 He picked up his bag from Mrs. Bledsoe's roominghouse 1227 and later that day rented a room at 1026 North Beckley Avenue from Mrs. A. C. Johnson for $8 a week. He registered as O. H. Lee and moved in immediately.1228 Oswald felt that this room was more comfortable than the previous one, particularly

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