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(APPENDIX IV - Biographical Information and Acknowledgments)

APPENDIX V - List of Witnesses

The following is a list of the 552 witnesses whose testimony has been presented to the Commission. Witnesses who appeared before members of the Commission have a "C" following their names; those questioned during depositions by members of the Commission's legal staff are indicated by a "D"; and those who supplied affidavits and statements are similarly identified with "A" and "S". The brief descriptions of the witnesses pertain either to the time of their testimony or to the time of the events concerning which they testified.

Witness Description Testimony

Ables, Don R.D Jail Clerk, Dallas Police De- Vol. VII, p. 239.
Abt, John J.D New York City attorney Vol. X, p. 116.
Adamcik, John P.D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. VII, p. 202.
Adams, R. L.AD Placement interviewer, Texas Vol. X, p. 136.
Employment Commission. Vol. XI, p. 480.
Adams, Victoria Elizabeth D. Employee, Texas School Book Vol. VI, p. 386.
Depository (TSBD).
Akin, Gene Coleman D Doctor, Parkland Hospital Vol. VI, p. 63.
Alba, Adrian Thomas D Acquaintance of Oswald in Vol. X, p. 219.
New Orleans.
Allen, Mrs. J. U.A Secretary, Chainberlin-Hunt Vol. XI, p. 472.
Altgens, James W.D Witness at assassination Vol. VII, p. 515.
Anderson, Eugene D.D Marine Corps markmanship Vol. XI, p. 301.
Andrews, Dean Adams, Jr.D. New Orleans attorney Vol. XI, p. 325.
Applin, George Jefferson, Jr.D. Witness of Oswald arrest Vol. VII, p. 85.
Arce, Danny G.D Employee, TSBD Vol. VI, p. 363.
Archer, Don Ray D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. XII, p. 395.
Armstrong, Andrew, Jr.D Acquaintance of Jack Ruby... Vol. XIII, p. 302.
Arnett, Charles Oliver D Member, Dallas Police De- Vol. XII, p. 128.
Aycox, James Thomas D Acquaintance of Jack Ruby Vol. XV, p. 203.
Baker, Marrion L.A c Member, Dallas Police Depart- Vol. III, p. 242.
ment. Vol. VII, p. 592.
Baker, Mrs. (Rachley) Employee, TSBD Vol. VII, p. 507
Baker, T. L.c Member, Dallas Police Depart- Vol. IV, p. 248.
Ballen, Samuel B.D Acquaintance of the Oswalds in Vol. IX, p. 45.
Barbe, Emmett Charles, Jr.A. Employee, William B. Reily Vol. XI, p. 473.
Bargas, Tommy D Superintendent, Leslie Weld- Vol. X. p. 160
ing Co.

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