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(APPENDIX XIII - Biography of Lee Harvey Oswald)

manuscript.851 About a week later, Gregory and his son Paul, a college student, visited the Oswalds at Robert Oswald's home and arranged for Marina to give Paul lessons in Russian during the Summer.852

On June 26, Oswald was interviewed by FBI agents in Fort Worth.853 One of the agents who interviewed him described him as tense and "drawn up"; he said that Oswald "exhibited an arrogant attitude * * * and [was] inclined to be just a little insolent." 854 Oswald declined to say why he had gone to Russia, saying that he refused to "relive the past." 855 He said that he had not attempted to obtain Soviet citizenship, had not been approached by Soviet officials for information about his experiences in the Marines, and had not offered them such information. Marina's Soviet passport required her to notify the Soviet Embassy in Washington of her address in this country, and Oswald told the agents that he planned to contact the Embassy for this purpose within a few days.856 He promised to notify the FBI if he were contacted by Soviet agents "under suspicious circumstances or otherwise."857 Oswald told his brother about the interview, saying that it had been "just fine." 858

Oswald and his family remained with Robert for about a month.859 While they were there his mother moved to Fort Worth from Crow-ell, Tex.,860 and sometime in July they moved into her apartment at 1501 West Seventh Street.861 Mrs. Oswald testified that she had visited them at Robert's house in June 862 and moved to Fort Worth because she thought that the house was too crowded and wanted to help them.863 Mrs. Oswald described the period when her son and his family lived with her as "a very happy month"; according to her testimony, she and her son and daughter-in-law got along well. She mentioned that she not only helped Marina keep house and care for the baby but also aided her son in his efforts to find employment.864 Marina testified, however, that Lee did not get along well with his mother and that he decided after several weeks that they should move to their own apartment.855 He did not file a change-of-address card at the post office when the family moved to West Seventh Street, as he did when they made their next move,866 so he may have contemplated from the beginning that they would stay with his mother for only a short while. Around the middle of August,867 the Oswalds moved to a one-bedroom furnished apartment at 2703 Mercedes Street, for which they paid $59.50 in advance for 1 month's rent.868

In the third week in July, Oswald had obtained a job. as a sheet metal worker with the Louv-R-Pak Division of the Leslie Welding Co.,869 a manufacturer of louvers and ventilators,870 to which he had been referred by the Texas Employment Commission.871 On his application for employment, filled out several days before, he wrote falsely that he had had experience as a sheet metal worker and machinist in the Marines and had been honorably discharged.872 He usually worked 8 or 9 hours a day, for which he was paid $1.25 an hour.873 Marina testified that Oswald did not like his work,874 but he was regarded as a good employee 875 and remained with the company until October,

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