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(CHAPTER VII - Lee Harvey Oswald: Background and Possible Motives)

Despite the hatred that Oswald expressed toward the Soviet Union after his residence there, he continued to be interested in that country after he returned to the United States. Soon after his arrival he wrote to the Soviet Embassy in Washington requesting information on how to subscribe to Russian newspapers and magazines and asked for "any periodicals or bulletins which you may put out for the beneifit of your citizens living, for a time, in the U.S.A.." 235 Oswald subsequently did subscribe to several Soviet journals. 236 While Marina Oswald tried to obtain permission to return to the Soviet Union she testified that she did so at her husband's insistence.237

In July of 1963, Oswald also requested the Soviet Union to provide a visa for his return to that country.238 In August of 1968, he gave the New Orleans police as a reason for refusing to permit his family to learn English, that ~'he hated America and he did not want them to become 'Americanized' and that his plans were to go back to Russia." 239 Even though his primary purpose probably was to get to Cuba, he sought an immediate grant of visa on his trip to Mexico City in late September of 1963.240 He also inquired about visas for himself and his wife in a letter which he wrote to the Soviet Embassy in Washington on November 9, 1963.241

Personal Relations

Marina had a hundred dresses given to her * * * [and] he objected to that lavish help, because Marina was throwing it into his face.

He was offensive with the people. And I can understand why, * * because that hurt him. He could never give her what the

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