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(CHAPTER VI - Investigation of Possible Conspiracy)

Ruby. 1277 And, as to places and people Senator says he visited on those days prior to the time Oswald was shot, the Commission has been unsuccessful in obtaining verification.1278 Senator admitted that he had spent much of that time drinking but denied that he was intoxicated.1279

It is difficult to know with complete certainty whether Senator had any foreknowledge of the shooting of Oswald. Ruby testified that at about 10:15 a.m. on Sunday morning, November 24, he said, in Senator's presence, "If something happened to this person, that then Mrs. Kennedy won't have to come back for the trial." 1280 According to Ruby, this is the most explicit statement he made concerning Oswald that morning.1281 Senator denies any knowledge of Ruby's intentions.1282

Senator's general response to the shooting was not like that of a person seeking to conceal his guilt. Shortly before it was known that Ruby was the slayer of Oswald, Senator visited the Eatwell Restaurant in downtown Dallas. Upon being informed that Ruby was the attacker, Senator exclaimed, "My God," in what appeared to be a genuinely surprised tone.1283 He then ran to a telephone, returned to gulp down his coffee, and quickly departed.1284 He drove promptly to the home of James Martin, an attorney and friend. Martin recalled that Senator's concern was for his friend Ruby and not for himself.1285 Martin and Senator drove to the Dallas Police Department where Senator voluntarily submitted himself to police questioning, and gave interviews to newspaper and television reporters.1286 The Commission has concluded, on the basis of its investigation into Senator's background, activities, and reaction to the shooting, that Senator did not aid or conspire with Jack Ruby in the killing of Oswald.

Ruby's activities preceding President's trip.--In addition to the broad investigation into Ruby's background and associations, the Commission delved particularly into Ruby's pattern of activities during the 2 months preceding President Kennedy's visit to Dallas in order to determine whether there was unusual conduct which might be linked to the President's forthcoming trip.

The Commission has been able to account specifically for Jack Ruby's presence in Dallas on every day after September 26, 1963, except five--September 29, 30 and October 11, 14, and 24--and there is no evidence that he was out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area on those days.1287 The report of one person who saw Ruby on September 28 indicates that Ruby probably remained in Dallas on September 29 and 30,1288 when Oswald was in Mexico City. The Commission has looked for but has found no evidence that Ruby traveled to Mexico at that time.1289 Both Ruby and Ralph Paul have stated that Ruby did not ]cave the Dallas-Fort Worth area during September, October, or November 1963.1290

During October and November of 1963, Jack Ruby maintained his usual vigorous pace of business activities. In particular, he directed considerable attention to his two nightclubs and to other business

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