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(CHAPTER V - Detention and Death of Oswald)

Q. How much did the gun cost from the mail order house ?
A. I understand the gun was advertised for $12.78, I believe.

Q. Have you received any results on the ballistics test conducted on the gun and on Oswald ?
A. They're going to be favorable. I don't have a formal report yet.

Q. But you are sure at this time they will be favorable ?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you feel now that you have the case completely wrapped up, or are you continuing ?
A. We will continue as long as there is a shred of evidence to be gathered. We have a strong case at this time.

Q. I believe you said earlier this afternoon that you have a new development which does wrap up the case--the first time you said the case definitely is secure. Is that correct ?
A. That was this morning. This additional evidence just makes a stronger case.

Q. But this is not the same evidence you were referring to then?
A. No, that's true.

Q. Would you be willing to say what that evidence was ?
A. No, sir. I don't wish to reveal it. It might jeopardize our case.

Commentator: Thank you very much Chief Jesse Curry of the Dallas Police Department.220

Although Captain Fritz permitted himself to be interviewed by the news media' less frequently than did Chief Curry, he nevertheless answered questions and ventured opinions about the progress of the investigation. On Saturday he told reporters that he was convinced beyond a doubt that Oswald had killed the President. He discussed some of the evidence in the case, especially the rifle, but his contribution to the knowledge of the reporters was small compared with that of Chief Curry.221

Many other members of the police department, including high officials, detectives, and patrolmen, were also interviewed by news representatives during these days.222 Some of these men had participated in specific aspects of the ease, such as the capture of Oswald at the Texas Theatre and the search for evidence at the Texas School Book Depository Building. Few, if any, seemed reluctant to submit to questions and to being televised. It seemed to District Attorney Wade that the newsmen "just followed everybody everywhere they went * * * they interviewed some of your patrolmen * * * on the corner' * * * they were interviewing anybody." 223

Wade himself also made several statements to the press. He visited police headquarters twice on Friday, twice on Saturday, and twice on Sunday. On most of these occasions he was interviewed by the press and appeared on television.224 After Oswald had appeared before the press on Friday night, Wade held an

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