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(Testimony of Ruth Hyde Paine Resumed)

Mrs. Paine.
She recalled that to me in the evening and told me when I had told her this, her heart went to the bottom. I don't recall .whether I included that, but I remember that during the Commission hearings--I have recalled it since.
Mr. Jenner.
I direct your attention to page 49 of the document entitled "Affidavits and Statements Taken in Connection With the Assassination of the President," to which we have heretofore made reference when I asked you to examine a list of documents and books and records and papers and pamphlets. Directing your attention to page 49---is that an affidavit or a signed statement that you furnished the Dallas city police?
Mrs. Paine.
Yes, it is.
Mr. Jenner.
And is that the statement to which you had reference in your testimony before the Commission that you gave on the evening of November 22?
Mrs. Paine.
The 22d, yes.
Mr. Jenner.
Under examination by an officer of the Dallas city police?
Mrs. Paine.
That's right.
Mr. Jenner.
Will you read it through and see if it serves to refresh your recollection, read it to yourself, and see if it serves to refresh your recollection as to anything you might not have included in your testimony last week as to what occurred during the course of the interview of the Dallas city police with you?
Mrs. Paine.
I don't recall most of that content but that surely was it--I was under a good deal of stress at the time.



BEFORE ME, Patsy Collins, a Notary Public in and for said county, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared Ruth Hyde Paine/w/f/31, 2515 W. Fifth Street, Irving, Texas. Who, after being by me duly sworn, on oath deposes and says: I have lived at the above address for about 4 years. My husband, Michael and I- had been separated for about a year. IN the early winter of 1963, I went to a party in Dallas because I heard that some people would be there that spoke Russian. I was interested in the language. At that party I met Lee Oswald and his Russian wife Marina. About a month later I went to visit them on Neely Street. In May I asked her to stay with me because Lee went to New Orleans to look for work. About two weeks later I took Marina to New Orleans to join her husband. Around the end of September I stopped by to see them while I was on vacation. I brought Marina back with me to Irving. He came in 2 weeks, later, but did not stay with his wife and me. Marina's husband would come and spend most of the weekends with his wife. Through my neighbor, we heard there was an opening at the Texas School Book Depository. Lee applied and was accepted. Lee did not spend last weekend there. He came in about 5 pm yesterday and spent the night. I was asleep this morning when he left for work.


Mr. Jenner.
Now, I direct your attention to page 46. There appears to be a signature of Mrs. Marina Oswald on that page. You are familiar with her signature?
Mrs. Paine.
Yes, I am.
Mr. Jenner.
Is that her signature?
Mrs. Paine.
Yes, that is her signature.
Mr. Jenner.
Will you read the statement and see if it serves to refresh your recollection or stimulate some other recollection as to what occurred that evening or at any other time, to which you have not already testified.
Mrs. Paine.
(Read instrument referred to.)
Mr. Jenner.
Mrs. Paine, you have now read what purports to be a statement taken from Marina Oswald on the night of November 22 at the Dallas City Police Station?
Mrs. Paine.
Mr. Jenner.
On that occasion did you interpret or translate for Marina Oswald?
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