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(Testimony of Mrs. Thomas M. (Natalie) Ray)

Mr. Ray.
That is really secret. They don't let you know. In Russia?
Mr. Davis.
Mrs. Ray.
I don't know if they do train agents.
Mr. Liebeler.
You were told this when you were going to school in Leningrad, is that correct?
Mrs. Ray.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you finally come to a conclusion in this discussion as to whether Oswald was probably a Russian agent or probably was not a Russian agent?
Mrs. Ray.
No; we just decided he just plain not any count; just decided he just crazy, not really in mind crazy but he try to be smart but we don't have any conclusion that he is Russian agent but we just been wondering, you know.
Mr. Liebeler.
In fact, didn't you sort of generally conclude and agree that because he did not seem to be a responsible person, that he did not seem to have money that you probably thought he was not a Russian agent?
Mrs. Ray.
Well, yes; we said if Russia send some agent here, they do give him all connection here. He be not without money; he be not without job. As far as Oswald, he cannot get job. He have such difficulty and usually if Russia really send it he be don't have any such difficulty. That's what been discussed and we decided he not Russian agent.
Mr. Liebeler.
Can you remember any of the other details of these conversations that you had or have you told us everything that you can recall?
Mrs. Ray.
No; that all I recall fight now.
Mr. Liebeler.
Other than this one evening that you saw Oswald and his wife at the Ford party you never saw them at any other time; is that correct?
Mrs. Ray.
No, sir; I never see.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you know anything else about Oswald that you think the Commission should know that you have not already told us?
Mrs. Ray.
No; I don't know nothing else.
Mr. Liebeler.
Is there anything else you would like to add to your testimony you think we should know or do you think we covered it fairly well?
Mrs. Ray.
I think you cover it. One thing I want to tell you. When I saw on television what happened, you know, I recognized him right away and when my husband come back from work I told him I said, "Honey, do you know who done it?" It shocked me to know you just met this man; made you kind of disgusted you even know him and never thought there here a man what we thought no count can do something like this and when my husband looking on television, he not remember him. I said, "Well, you remember when I introduced and tell he has been in Russia" and he said, "I not even know what he look like him" and that's much----
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you and your husband discuss the possibility after you saw that Oswald had been arrested in connection with the assassination, did you discuss the possibility then that Oswald might have been a Russian agent or didn't you think about that again?
Mrs. Ray.
No; we not. See, my husband called George Bouhe.
Mr. Liebeler.
After the assassination?
Mrs. Ray.
After this happen, yeah; and talking to him on telephone and said, "George, is that true that's Oswald really done it?" He said, "Well, we try---just hear it and everything is still--," he said, "We just try to figure out; there we thought he is just don't have any enough guts and then he done things like this." We just can't figure out that he have anything to do with these things, but he said they don't hear from him. He had been left from Dallas. Said last time we been there they quit with him. He give them so much trouble they just want to forget him. Said, "We don't hear from him" but said that's one Oswald what, said, you know this party; my husband did not remember and he thinking I am telling--am mixed up. I said, "Well, that's Marina, and this man is----
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you have any other questions, Mr. Attorney General.
Mr. Davis.
Mr. Liebeler.
I think that's all we have at this time. We want to thank you very much for coming in.

Thomas M. Ray

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