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(Testimony of Mrs. Thomas M. (Natalie) Ray)

Mrs. Ray.
Really not this way but we decided that he just not any count. He isn't any good. He said he try to be smart; he don't have enough sense. Said---they said they going to be through with him. They don't want have anything to do with him any more.
Mr. Liebeler.
Was this conversation carried on in Russian or in English?
Mrs. Ray.
In Russian.
Mrs. Liebeler.
Was your husband there at the time?
Mrs. Ray.
Yeah; sometimes we tell him what is going on and he ask me sometimes. He remember this discussion, too.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you tell him about the discussion in English or did Mr. Bouhe?
Mrs. Ray.
Well, we half way talk in Russian and then we get in on English, you know, and part what when he interested in something we tell him and he mostly, he know what we talking about.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you have any other reason for thinking that Oswald might be a Russian agent other than the fact that he had gotten married to Marina and left Russia with such ease? Was there any other reason that led you to suspect he might be an agent?
Mrs. Ray.
I don't know; I cannot recall it but I cannot--I don't know how to tell, that is just my opinion but seems to be he very easy can quit job and go in Moscow. In Russia that isn't so easy quit job. They send me in Siberia; I have to stay there. I cannot quit. I cannot go home and stay there and Work. I have to get permission and stay there and working. I imagine he have permission to go to Moscow, but he seems--from Minsk going to Moscow; I don't know what he been doing but not as far as this; other, I don't know.
Mr. Liebeler.
So you thought that in addition to his apparent--in addition to the apparent ease with which he left Russia and the fact he was able to get married and bring Marina out and also because he was able to move from Minsk to Moscow, those are three reasons you thought he might be an agent. Did you have any other reason that led you to believe that?
Mrs. Ray.
Well, main things--I don't thought those things be made him agent. I thought that's in Russia get better if they let people quit job and travel and let Marina come back here so easy. I don't thought--that's main things he can be as agent but how come this man coming to my mind, Russia have such a tricks that we thought never can tell what they----
Mr. Liebeler.
Would do?
Mrs. Ray.
Will do with him, really; see, I study in college and they don't need Communists coming to Russia. They need Communists going to other country and working.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you ever receive any training or did you know people who received training in college when you were in Russia to go outside Russia and be agents for Russia?
Mrs. Ray.
No; I never received but I do know that we have it in Russia.
Mr. Liebeler.
How do you know; do you have schools like that?
Mrs. Ray.
Yes; we have school like this and see, my brother been in military school; he is flyer; he got killed and they do, you know. We study in college, too, that we have to send people out to work with the people and have organized Communist party right there. They don't need, you know in Russia them; they need in other country. They don't want a war; that's as far as they said. We do not want a war.
Mr. Liebeler.
The Russians do not want a war?
Mrs. Ray.
Yes; they said we do not want to have a war but we let them have war inside and have revolution and let them destroy themselves, but as far as fight, we don't want it and we have lots of pictures where they showing agents sent from other countries in Russia; other countries send it to Russia and they catch it and they said we have to always be alert and we have to send trained people over and that's as much as I know, but I don't know if they send it or they don't send it. I don't know any people I meet here because I really be cut off. That's first time I meet these people.
Mr. Davis.
Where would that school be; do you know?
Mrs. Ray.
Which kind?
Mr. Davis.
School where they would teach people this.
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