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(Testimony of Jeanne De Mohrenschildt)

Mr. Jenner.
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. That is why it is so wonderful when he told me that she spoke nicely about him. It was a wonderful surprise. It is for the first time, really. It was a very pleasant surprise. So we have hope maybe she is growing up. You don't have to be grown up to grow up.
Mr. Jenner.
What are your husband's political views? Now, I mean political with a capital P. I don't mean Democrat or Republican politics. I mean political in the grand sense.
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. In the grand sens. I would say he is a real Democrat, for democracy. But, also, you see, both of us--we don't believe that every country should have the same government, because each country--a certain government will be good for one country, and would be completely awful for another.
For instance, we even don't believe in dictators, but certain countries may need that. They may live better, happier, until they grow up a little more to handle themselves. So we don't--I would say we are very, very flexible on this point, both of us--very flexible. It just depends what is the best for the people. If people are ready and able to have a complete democracy, that is the most wonderful government in the world. But it cannot be applied like a slide rule to every country right off, because some countries get lost--they still have to be guided.
Mr. Jenner.
Do you regard him as a loyal American?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Absolutely. He doesn't have to be here. He has friends all over the world. And--we live out more than in. Why do we come back? What is the reason? Just because we like it.
Gradually we hope we are going to live in a different part of the United States. We are aiming for the San Francisco area, northern California. That is where we would love. We love swimming, the ocean. That is the reason we don't have a home of our own, and we don't want to build one, because when we want a home, we are going to do it ourselves, in the place we want to. Not just to hop around.
Mr. Jenner.
Would you mind returning at 9 tomorrow morning?

Testimony of Jeanne De Mohrenschildt Resumed

Mr. Jenner.
The testimony of Jeanne De Mohrenschildt was taken at 9 a.m., on April 24, 1964, at 200 Maryland Avenue NE., Washington, D.C., by Mr. Albert E. Jenner, Jr., assistant counsel of the President's Commission.
Mr. Jenner.
You worked for Judy Bond, Inc.?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes, Judy Bond, and Nancy Greer, I believe.
Mr. Jenner.
The same firm?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes. I worked simultaneously, held two jobs at the same time.
Mr. Jenner.
When was that?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. It was in 1957; fall. That is when I returned. I couldn't get anything with my coat and suit people. I switched to dresses.
Mr. Jenner.
Is the name Jack Rothenberg familiar to you?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. I don't remember the people at Judy Bond. Could be one of them, maybe. Maybe he was with Greer.
Mr. Jenner.
The records reflect that you were employed there as a designer in the fall of 1957.
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Maybe it was with Nancy Greer. There were two--Mr. Littman, and another one, was another fellow, his partner. Maybe that is him. I don't remember the names.
Mr. Jenner.
Do you recall working for Handmacher Vogel in 1956?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. You remember when I told you I flew in and designed a collection for him? And at the same time for Leeds Limited. The same year.
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