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(Testimony of Jeanne De Mohrenschildt)

Mr. Jenner.
And married Gary Taylor?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes; and I wanted to break that marriage right away, and get her back in school, and spank her-- really tough. But the parents of the boy said give the kids a chance and this and that. It was no love--it was just delinquency. She didn't know who I was. She thought I will be easy going--knowing her father, she thought I was easy going. And all of a sudden she came in. She had to study, she had to be home at a certain time, every boy she is out with I have to meet first. So she couldn't possibly--I talked to her just last year. I said, "Tell me frankly, you wanted to live with us, and you thought I would be very easy. And you certainly didn't like the way I was strict with you."
But I was strict with my daughter, also. And she was older than she was. And she would not go out until she brought the young man to introduce. And then she asked us, and she was very respectful to my present husband.
She asked, "What do you think of him?"
She was 19 already. That little kid was just 14 or 15. So I could not possibly give her more leeway than to my daughter, who was so much older.
Sometimes I think maybe if I wasn't so strict with her, maybe you never know with children.
Mr. Jenner.
Well, now, Mr. De Mohrenschildt's daughter, Alexandria, is now married.
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. She is divorced. Can you imagine that?
Mr. Jenner.
She has remarried.
Tell me about your present husband. What kind of a person is he?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Well, I tell you. He is a terrific person, absolutely terrific. He has a soul of gold. I really mean it. And sometimes he drives me so crazy, I can just smash his head, because he is so impatient. He is extremely impatient. He is always in a hurry. You have to be 10 times faster than he is in order to have everything quiet. That is about the only quality that I would not like--he is just always in a hurry. He is always rushing somewhere, and everything has to be just immediately. Never a second late.
Mr. Jenner.
Is he an outspoken person?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Oh, yes; very, very, very outspoken person.
Mr. Jenner.
Very handsome and an attractive man?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Well, I tell you. I like--inside--I think he is much better inside than outside. He is a good-looking man. And women find him fantastically attractive. I don't. I like his personality. I think he is wonderful. He feels--he is nice with people, he is nice with animals. I don't think he can ever hurt anybody or do deliberate harm.
He can do a lot of harm by saying something without thinking, and actually hurt a person's feelings without realizing what he says may hurt them. He may do that.
But he would never do anything deliberately to hurt anyone. So by speaking like that--for instance, he can make a joke about a person, really unintentional, and that joke might hurt a person.
Mr. Jenner.
He is a little heavy in his humor?
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes; sometimes it is uncalled for at all.
And, later on, when I tell him, he agrees with me. But it was already said. And especially when you hurt little people, they get awfully hurt. And he has that habit of sort of teasing people, or ribbing people, which some people appreciate and some people don't.
I personally don't appreciate teasing, and I don't appreciate---I don't think it is necessary. He thinks it is very funny. I don't think it is funny at all. That is the thing. Through that, I am sure he has a couple of people that don't like him very well. I don't think they hate him. The only one that is really not fond of him is his ex-wife, because of the children.
Mr. Jenner.
Mrs. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes. She was so hateful, that nothing could just soften her or break her down--nothing, nothing, nothing. No matter how he tried, no matter how I tried, nothing. It is a blank wall. Such hatred, such venom and such hatred. It is impossible.
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