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(Testimony of Allison G. , Lt. Col, Usmc Folsom)

Mr. Ely.
Colonel FOLSOM. The Marine Corps marks on a scale of from 0 to 5.0.
Mr. Ely.
5.0 is the maximum grade?
Colonel FOLSOM. That is correct.
Mr. Ely.
And what would be the minimum satisfactory grade? Is there no minimum?
Colonel FOLSOM. No; there is none as such, because the markings are averaged at the end of the enlistment, and in accordance with existing regulations, the numerical quality of the markings determine the difference in the character of discharge between honorable and under honorable conditions.
Mr. Ely.
Do you know what the minimum average for an honorable discharge would be?
Colonel FOLSOM. I believe was the question under honorable conditions?
Mr. Ely.
Well, what would be the minimum for an honorable discharge?
Colonel FOLSOM. 40.
Mr. Ely.
All right.
Now, I would like to take up some of these abbreviations specifically. I think the easiest way to designate this would be to go down the various columns on this page. Now, the column on the extreme left is labeled "organization." I shall ask you about the ones which I think might be unclear to somebody looking at this exhibit. There is an abbreviation here, after Oswald left Jacksonville, he was transferred to a unit abbreviated CASCO HQBN HQMC. Would you tell us what that stands for?
Colonel FOLSOM. That indicates he was attached to the Casual Company, Headquarters Battalion, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, at that time.
Mr. Ely.
Now, this would have been while he was----
Colonel FOLSOM. He joined on 4 May 1957.
Mr. Ely.
Yes; I believe it was during the time he was at Keesler Air Force Base.
Colonel FOLSOM. Yes; undergoing duty under instruction.
Mr. Ely.
Moving to the "reason" column on this page, we have here an entry of 27 October 1957, which is abbreviated, "To Sk." What does that stand for?
Colonel FOLSOM. To sick. He was admitted to the U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan.
Mr. Ely.
And the entry directly below that one, which is abbreviated "To Du" would mean return to duty?
Colonel FOLSOM. That is correct.
Mr. Ely.
The entry directly below the To Duty entry which is abbreviated "SEMIAN" would indicate what?
Colonel FOLSOM. That it was a semiannual marking.
Mr. Ely.
In other words, this is an entry strictly for marking purposes?
Colonel FOLSOM. That is correct.
Mr. Ely.
And the entry directly below that is abbreviated "To Cnfd."
Colonel FOLSOM. To confinement. In this instance, serving sentence summary court-martial.
Mr. Ely.
Moving now to the next column, labeled "Primary Duty," one abbreviation which recurs is "DUINS." Could you tell us what that means?
Colonel FOLSOM. Duty under instruction.
Mr. Ely.
And the entry of 12 September 1957 has an abbreviation which I believe refers to the sort of job which Oswald was performing. Could you tell us what that stands for?
Colonel FOLSOM. In this case he was a replacement trainee.
Mr. Ely.
Well, that is the entry for 9 July 1957. That stands for replacement trainee. Could you tell us what the entry for 12 September 1957 is?
Colonel FOLSOM. It indicates that he joined Marine Air Control Squadron, No. 1, Marine Air Group 11, First Marine Aircraft Wing, Fleet Marine Force, care of "FPO" San Francisco. This is a mailing address for an organization in the First Wing which at that time was in Japan.
Mr. Ely.
And what was the job that he performed?
Colonel FOLSOM. He was an aviation electronics operator.
Mr. Ely.
All right. I think that with the help you have given us, anybody looking over this record which appears at page 3 and 4 of the Folsom Deposition Exhibit No. 1 could readily understand the progress of Oswald's service.
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