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(Testimony of Allison G. , Lt. Col, Usmc Folsom)

Mr. Ely.
Colonel FOLSOM. My primary duty is head, Records Branch, Personnel Department, Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps, Washington, D.C.
Mr. Ely.
How long have you held this position?
Colonel FOLSOM. Approximately 3 years.
Mr. Ely.
Could you give us something of an idea of your background--what you did before you entered the Marine Corps?
Colonel FOLSOM,. I was a student.
Mr. Ely.
And how long have you been in the Marine Corps?
Colonel FOLSOM. I entered active duty in the Marine Corps 5 August 1935.
Mr. Ely.
Prior to the assassination of President Kennedy, had you ever heard the name Lee Harvey Oswald?
Colonel FOLSOM. Yes.
Mr. Ely.
Could you tell us in what connection that was?
Colonel FOLSOM. It was in connection with his record, which was requested by the Discipline Branch of Headquarters, Marine Corps, and, they advised me of his renunciation, I would guess, of his citizenship, and the fact that they were trying to effect his discharge.
Mr. Ely.
I see. And that is the first time you had ever heard of him?
Colonel FOLSOM. Yes, sir.
Mr. Ely.
Did you ever meet the man?
Colonel FOLSOM. No.
Mr. Ely.
All right. The primary reason that we have called you here, colonel, is not because of any contact which you have had with Oswald, but because of your position. We have here Oswald's Marine records, and we would like you to help us interpret some of the abbreviations, test scores and things like that.
Let me show you this document, which we will mark Folsom Deposition Exhibit No. 1, and ask you if you can tell us what it is.
(The document referred to was marked Folsom Deposition Exhibit No. 1 for identification.)
Colonel FOLSOM. It represents a photostatic copy of the official record held by the Marine Corps of Lee Harvey Oswald, former marine.
Mr. Ely.
Our procedure now will be to go through the document which you have just identified. I have numbered the pages of this document in the upper right-hand corner.
We will ask you to explain things as we come to them. Starting on page 1 of Exhibit No. 1, first I wonder if you might tell us what Oswald's scores here under the category of Physical Profile mean.
Colonel FOLSOM. Well, the classification of "A" indicates that there were no physical defects at the time he was examined--the date, 24 October 1956, I assume, was upon his enlistment.
Mr. Ely.
Yes; moving down the left side of page 1, we have the abbreviation "PEBD." Will you tell us what that stands for?
Colonel FOLSOM. Pay entry base date.
Mr. Ely.
I note that the pay entry base date on Oswald's record has been changed from 24 October 1956 to 8 December 1956. Why would this be?
Colonel FOLSOM. That is correct. This was changed to reflect time lost due to misconduct, confinement, or intemperate use of drugs or alcohol. In this instance it was days lost due to confinement.
Mr. Ely.
Also on page 1 it is noted that Oswald was a "UQ" class swimmer. What does that stand for?
Colonel FOLSOM. Unqualified.
Mr. Ely.
Finally on page 1, at the bottom, there is written in the fact that among the documents inserted in the record are some relating to "SA" action.
Colonel FOLSOM. Supervisory authority action in a court-martial.
Mr. Ely.
I show you now page 3 of this exhibit. Could you tell us generally what this page of the record is.
Colonel FOLSOM. Page 3 of the Marine Corps Enlisted Service Record constitutes a record of primary duty assignments, the organization to which the individual was attached, with the dates, and also shows conduct and proficiency markings.
Mr. Ely.
In connection with these conduct and proficiency markings, could you tell us what the scale is on which these grades are assigned?
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