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(Testimony of Dr. Renatus Hartogs)

Mr. Liebeler.
cases which have come up and to which the professional public of New York City is invited.
So, for instance, we gave such a seminar on Oswald. That is the reason why I vaguely remember him.
Mr. Liebeler.
You were also, as you have testified, the chief Psychiatrist for the Youth House in 1953.
Mr. Liebeler.
Were your duties in connection with that job pretty much the same in 1953 as they are now?
Mr. Liebeler.
How large a staff did you have in 1953, approximately?
Dr. HARTOGS. Approximately I would say 300.
Mr. Liebeler.
A staff?
Dr. HARTOGS. Yes, staff, because we have three shifts, you see. We have about two staff members for every child.
Mr. Liebeler.
I see. I thought you testified previously that there were other psychiatrists.
Dr. HARTOGS. Oh, my staff?
Mr. Liebeler.
Yes, on your staff, not at the Youth House, but on your staff.
Dr. HARTOGS. Oh I thought----on my staff we have three psychiatrists now.
Mr. Liebeler.
About how many did you have in 1953?
Dr. HARTOGS. In 1953 we had two, two or three. It changed continuously. Sometimes we had even four.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you remember the names of the other psychiatrists who were on the staff at the time Oswald was in the Youth House?
Dr. HARTOGS. No, no. They are continuously changing. Sometimes they were just for a few weeks there, but I have remained on the staff continuously.
Mr. Liebeler.
The Youth House is an institution of the city of New York, is that correct, or is it supported by voluntary contributions? Is it a private institution or is it an adjunct of the city of New York?
Dr. HARTOGS. Right now it is part of the probation department of the city of New York, under the jurisdiction of the probation department. Previously it was a private institution with a private board. Then later on the city of New York took over as far as the administration and the payment of the salaries is concerned, but the private board was maintained. So today the private board still exist, but the probation department of the city of New York has the jurisdiction over Youth House.
Mr. Liebeler.
Does the city of New York support it financially?
Dr. HARTOGS. Yes, the city of New York pays for it.
Mr. Liebeler.
Was that true, do you know, offhand, in 1953, or was it still a private organization at that time?
Dr. HARTOGS. At that time it was a private organization, yes.
Mr. Liebeler.
You are a citizen of the United States, are you not?
Dr. HARTOGS. Yes, since 1945.
Mr. Liebeler.
Would you outline for us in general terms what the procedure is with respect to a boy who is remanded to the Youth House for psychiatric observation. He is ordered by the court to go to the Youth House; he goes to the Youth House.
Dr. HARTOGS. He goes to the Youth House, that's right.
Mr. Liebeler.
What generally happens to him then?
Dr. HARTOGS. When he is in Youth House he is given a preliminary screening as to what kind of a person he is, through human figure drawings. That is a special test that is given.
Mr. Liebeler.
Who administers that, social workers on the staff?
Dr. HARTOGS. Social workers, and the psychologists, they do that, a preliminary screening, because if we have very disturbed children right away from the beginning we--I see them right away on an emergency basis and send them out because we cannot keep too disturbed children in Youth House. We send them then to a mental hospital. So then this child goes into an intake domitory where he is dressed, acquainted with the techniques of adjustment in Youth House, the Youth House philosophy. Then he is assigned to one of the dormitories, and then he is sent to school. We have our own school, P.S. 613. We
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