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(Testimony of Calvin Bud Owens)

Mr. Ely.
Now, in which district on this map would the corner of Lancaster and Eighth fall?
Mr. Owens.
In district 109.
Mr. Ely.
That would be district 109. In which district on the map was Officer Tippit shot?
Mr. Owens.
In district 91.
Mr. Ely.
Now, we would like to have your opinion as to why Officer Tippit, who was assigned to district 78, would have been in district 109 at 12:54 p.m. and then later in district 91? In giving us your answer, please feel free to refer to both of these radio logs, which are Sawyer Deposition Exhibits A and B, and also draw upon your experience with the Dallas Police Department and the common procedure for reacting to an emergency.
Mr. Owens.
It says here on channel 1, this is Sawyer Deposition Exhibit B, "Attention all squads in the downtown area, code 3, to Elm and Houston with caution," and knowing that the President's parade was going to be down in that area and also at 12:44 this: "attention all squads, the suspect in the shooting, Elm and Houston, is reported to be an unknown white male, approximately 30, slender build, height, 5 feet 6 inches, weight, 165 pounds, reported to be armed with what is thought to be a .30 caliber rifle, no further description or information at this time ;" and then it recites at 12:45 signal 19 involving the President--that was at 12:45----
Mr. Ely.
And signal 19 means what?
Mr. Owens.
A shooting--anything of that magnitude in the shooting of the President is one of the greatest magnitudes, and any officer would proceed as near that location as possible to try to apprehend whoever had done it.
Mr. Ely.
Well, would somebody in an outlying district head for Elm and Houston itself; or would he just come in closer?
Mr. Owens.
He would move in that direction, and when they had ordered all downtown squads to proceed to Elm and Houston, knowing that he was going to have to answer calls in the downtown area while they are there, and if you know that in all probability you may get called in, and--instead of the district you are in, you are going to head down there so it won't take you near as long, and also you can still be in the area if the suspect comes your way, you will have a better chance of apprehending him.
Mr. Ely.
So, you think Tippit might have been filling in for the people whom he knew had been pulled in to Elm and Houston?
Mr. Owens.
That's what I think--not only filling in, but also looking for the suspect, because he heard about the shooting and the general description of the suspect, and not knowing which way he went, but he could have gone any way, then he is going to head downtown as soon as possible so if he sees someone answering that description, he can apprehend him.
Mr. Ely.
You would say it would be normal procedure for an officer in district 78, which is located out in the outlying districts, to head downtown in any emergency?
Mr. Owens.
That's true.
Mr. Ely.
Could you perhaps give us an explanation of why he headed over toward 109 and 91? That doesn't seem to be the most direct route.
Mr. Owens.
According to this map--it doesn't show all the things on there--it looks like you would have to zigzag quite a bit, but you wouldn't. You could go down Corinth Street and go across the viaduct, but that would get him down on Industrial, which would still be a lot of traffic to go through. He could go down Clarendon to Marsalis and go North Ewing and then get over to Lancaster, and that would give him a straight shoot to the Houston Street viaduct, which would take him right to Elm and Houston.
Mr. Ely.
So that you think a path of going from 78 to 109 to 91 would be a more or less logical route for getting into the center of town?
Mr. Owens.
Yes; I do.
Mr. Ely.
On the 22d of November, did you, yourself, have an area which you were patroling?
Mr. Owens.
I was supervising all of the Oak Cliff area, and since I was acting lieutenant, and I made the assignments for that day, I was at the station at 4020 West Illinois at the time.
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