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(Testimony of Calvin Bud Owens)

Mr. Ely.
What was the nature of your search of these buildings? Did you just look through the halls?
Mr. Owens.
Well, I didn't go in. I was standing on the outside and the other officers were going in. I was covering off. Then, we heard over the radio that some officer, who by the number, I took to be a three-wheeler motorcycle officer had seen someone answering the description, go into the basement of the library, which is on the corner of Marsalis and Jefferson, which was about two blocks away. Quite a few of us left that area we were at and proceeded to the library, covered it off, and they brought out the one that they thought was the suspect, but he fit the general description, but he was not the one we were looking for. He was an employee of the library that heard the President had gotten shot and he had been to lunch and he was running over there to tell them that the President got shot.
Mr. Ely.
In other words, someone saw this employee run into the library, and that's the reason you came in. He had just run into the library?
Mr. Owens.
That's the man that had run across Jefferson and run into the basement of the library, so I went back to the scene of the shooting of Officer Tippit and another call had come and some of my men yelled to me that they had a suspect in the Texas Theatre, and everyone left there, but nobody was left to help guard the scene except the crime lab man, so I remained at the scene, and everybody else went to the Texas Theatre.
Mr. Ely.
Do you remember who the crime lab man was who was there?
Mr. OWENS, At the time I thought it was Captain Doughty [spelling] D-o-u-g-h-t- y. They finished up taking the pictures and I left the scene and went to Methodist Hospital where Officer Tippit had been taken, and I was taken back to the room where he was taken, and in just a brief examination of the body I saw where one bullet had entered his right chest about the pocket and went through a package of cigarettes. Another one hit him about the center of the chest and hit a button, and another one, I believe, was in his right temple, I'm not sure which temple it was, but those three wounds, I did see. I don't know whether he was shot any more or not. I remained at the hospital for quite a time, and then I went back to the Oak Cliff substation where I was assigned.
Mr. Ely.
And because you were assigned to the Oak Cliff substation, you at no time during these 2 days or so went into the main police headquarters; is that correct?
Mr. Owens.
What, now?
Mr. Ely.
You didn't go to the main police headquarters because you were assigned to the Oak Cliff substation?
Mr. Owens.
No; that's right.
Mr. Ely.
Now, I show you a map which is labeled Putnam Deposition Exhibit No. 1. Could you tell us what sort of a map this is?
Mr. Owens.
It is what we call a district map of the various districts of the city of Dallas.
Mr. Ely.
The various districts to which patrolmen are assigned, is that correct?
Mr. Owens.
It is what it was set up for. Now, there isn't a squad for each numbered district. Some squads have two or more numbers. I mean, the districts cover that.
Mr. Ely.
And could you tell us to which district or districts on that map Officer Tippit was assigned on November 22, 1963?
Mr. Owens.
He was assigned to district 78. Now, I don't know whether we were short any squads that day or not, and if we were, he would be assigned to cover another district also. His call number would still be 78.
Mr. Ely.
Would his call number be 78 even if he were outside the district?
Mr. Owens.
Oh, yes.
Mr. Ely.
I show you now one of the radio logs which is designated "Sawyer Deposition Exhibit A." Am I correct in saying that at 12:54 p.m., according to this log, Officer Tippit reported by radio that he was then at the corner of Lancaster and Eighth?
Mr. Owens.
That's right.
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