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(Testimony of Domingo Benavides)

Mr. Belin.
them what I had seen, and they asked me if I could identify him, and I said I don't think I could. It this time I was sure, I wasn't sure that I could or not. I wasn't going to say I could identify and go down and couldn't have.
Mr. BELIN. Did he ever take you to the police station and ask you if you could identify him?
Mr. Benavides.
No; they didn't.
Mr. Belin.
You used the name Oswald. How did you know this man was Oswald?

Mr. BENAVIDES. From the pictures I had seen. It looked like a guy, resembled the guy. That was the reason I figured it was Oswald.
Mr. BELIN. Were they newspaper pictures or television pictures, or both, or neither?
Mr. Benavides.
Well, television pictures and newspaper pictures. The thing lasted about a month, I believe, it seemed like.
Mr. Belin.

Mr. BENAVIDES. I showed--I believe they showed pictures of him every day for a long time there.
Mr. BELIN. Did you talk to anyone at all there that witnessed what was going on?
Mr. BENAVIDES. No; sure didn't. There was people that asked me what happened, came up in the crowd there and asked me what happened, and I said just the policeman got shot.
Mr. Belin.
You talked to Ted Callaway, did you?
Mr. Benavides.
No; afterward. You know, I told your---I told him, he asked me when we went, when Ted Callaway got around there, he opened the car door and picked up the phone and called in and told them there was an officer that had been killed. But the officer on the other side of the radio told him to hang up the phone to keep the lines clear, or something of that sort.
Then he jumped out and ran around and he asked me did I see what happened, and I said yes. And he said let's chase him, and I said no.
Mr. Belin.
Why did you say "No"?
Mr. Benavides.
Well, he was reaching down and getting the gun out of the policeman's hand, and I didn't think he should bother to go like that. So he then turned around and went to the cab that was sitting on the corner.
Mr. Belin.
This cab?

Mr. BENAVIDES. Yes. There was a cab sitting---oh, there isn't a sidewalk on Patton Street. I mean there is sidewalks, but not a curb, and this cab had pulled in there by the stop sign.
Mr. Belin.
Which way was the cab headed on Patton Street?
Mr. Benavides.
It was headed north on Patton Street.
Mr. BELIN. Was it on the south side of 10th or the north side of 10th when it was parked there?
Mr. Benavides.
It would be on the south side of 10th.
Mr. Belin.
Was it on the east side of Patton or the west?
Mr. Benavides.
It would be on the east side of Patton.
Mr. BELIN. How close to the sidewalk on East 10th would the front part of the cab have been?
Mr. BENAVIDES. The front part of the cab was, I would say, maybe 5 or 6 feet from the corner.
Mr. Belin.
From the corner?
Mr. Benavides.
Mr. Belin.
All right.

Mr. BENAVIDES. He was sort of, if it had been a curb there, he would be up on the curb.
Mr. Belin.
All right.

Mr. BENAVIDES. And so Ted then got in the taxicab and the taxicab came to a halt and he asked me which way he went. I told him he went down Patton Street toward the office, and come to find out later Ted had already seen him go by there.
Mr. BELIN. Did Ted tell you later he had seen him go by?
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