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(Testimony of J. Herbert Sawyer)

Mr. Sawyer.
Did they all say they heard shots from the overpass, or did they say they heard some from other places?
Mr. SAWYER. No. Very few said they heard the shots come from the overpass, or thought they heard them from that area.
Mr. Belin.
Well, where did other people say they heard shots come from?

Mr. SAWYER. Most of the people that heard the shots pointed out the Texas Book Depository.
Mr. Belin.
Did some of the people that heard shots, or thought they heard shots from the Texas School Book Depository, all say they saw a rifle there?
Mr. Sawyer.
Mr. Belin.
Most of them say they saw a rifle there?
Mr. Sawyer.
No, just a few, very few.
Mr. BELIN. Is there anything else you can think of that occurred at the Texas School Book Depository that afternoon while you were there that might have any relevancy about where the shots came from, other than what you have told thus far?
Mr. SAWYER. Well, I had heard some of the officers come to me and said there was supposed to be, somebody told them about a woman that had taken some pictures of that window, and then one of the sergeants came to me, and I am not sure who the sergeant is now, but anyway he said that there was on the building immediately west east, I am sorry cast of the Texas School Book Depository, that a man up in one of the upper windows up there was taking some moving pictures of what had gone on.
Mr. Belin.
Did you ever contact this man? Do you know what his name is?
Mr. Sawyer.
No; I don't know his name. The sergeant told me that the man would not give them the pictures, that he was waiting for the Secret Service or the FBI, I forget which now, and I sent the sergeant and two men back over there with instructions to bring that man and his pictures to me.
When they got back over there, Forrest Sorrels of the Secret Service was already there, and at least they so reported back to me, and was talking to this man.
So I told them to go ahead with their normal assignments and since Forrest was already there and talking to him, I knew that that part would be taken care of.
Mr. Belin.
You don't know what his name was or what the results of it was?
Mr. Sawyer.
I don't know.
Mr. Belin.
Anything else?

Mr. SAWYER. Later that afternoon one of our colored officer detectives saw this colored man in this crowd across the street and we had previously broadcast a description on, and he took him into custody and sent him immediately down to Captain Fritz' office.
Mr. Belin.
He gave a statement, is that it?
Mr. Sawyer.
This I don't know. I presume he did, but I didn't stop to talk to him or take any information. I just sent him on down there.
Mr. Belin.
Anything else you can think of at this time?
Mr. Sawyer.
Mr. Belin.
You spent most of the afternoon out in front of the building there?
Mr. Sawyer.
I spent most of the afternoon up until 4 o'clock.
Mr. Belin.
Then what did you do?

Mr. SAWYER. I went back down to the City Hall and checked around there to see if anything further I could do, and then I went home.
Mr. BELIN. What did you do on Saturday, the 23d? Anything that has to do with the assassination or the investigation of the Tippit murder?
Mr. Sawyer.
No. I happened to be off on Saturday, and I didn't go back down. The boss didn't call me, so I stayed home.
Mr. Belin.
What about Sunday?
Mr. Sawyer.
Same thing. In fact, I didn't even hear about the other thing until way late in the afternoon.
Mr. BELIN. Is there any other information that you can think of, whether I have asked it or not, that might be in any way relevant here?
Mr. Sawyer.
The only other thing I can remember that I did down there, was
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