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(Testimony of Bobby W. Hargis)

could have been coming from the railroad overpass, because I thought since I had got splattered, with blood---I was just a little back and left of---just a little bit back and left of Mrs. Kennedy, but I didn't know. I had a feeling that it might have been from the Texas Book Depository, and these two places was the primary place that could have been shot from.

Mr. Stern.
You were clear that the sounds were sounds of shots?
Mr. Hargis.
Yes sir; I knew they were shots.
Mr. STERN. All right, what did you do then? You say you parked your motorcycle?
Mr. Hargis.
Yes, uh-huh---
Mr. Stern.
Mr. HARGIS. It was to the left-hand side of the street from---south side of Elm Street
Mr. Stern.
And then what did you do?
Mr. HARGIS. I ran across the street looking over towards the railroad overpass and I remembered seeing people scattering and running and then I looked---
Mr. Stern.
People on the overpass?
Mr. Hargis.
Yes; people that were there to see the President I guess. They were taking pictures and things. It was kind of a confused crowd. I don't know whether they were trying to hide or see what was happening or what--and then I looked over to the Texas School Book Depository Building, and no one that was standing at the base of the building was--seemed to be looking up at the building or anything like they knew where the shots were coming from, so---
Mr. Stern.
How about the people on the incline on the north side of Elm Street? Do you recall their behavior?
Mr. HARGIS. Yes; I remember a man holding a child. Fell to the ground and covered his child with his body, and people running everywhere, trying to get out of there, I guess, and they were about as confused as to where the shots were coming from as everyone else was.
Mr. Stern.
And did you run up the incline on your side of Elm Street?

Mr. HARGIS. Yes, sir; I ran to the light post, and I ran up to this kind of a little wall, brick wall up there to see if I could get a better look on the bridge, and, of course, I was looking all around that place by that time. I knew it couldn't have come from the county courthouse because that place was swarming with deputy sheriffs over there.
Mr. Stern.
Did you get behind the picket fence that runs from the overpass to the concrete wall?
Mr. Hargis.
Mr. Stern.
On the north side of Elm Street?
Mr. Hargis.
No, no; I don't remember any picket fence.
Mr. STERN. Did you observe anything then on the overpass, or on the incline, or around the Depository? Anything out of the ordinary besides people running?
Mr. Hargis.
No; I didn't. That is what got me.
Mr. STERN. So, at that point you were still uncertain as to the direction of the shots?
Mr. Hargis.
Yes, uh-huh.
Mr. Stern.
Then, what did you do?

Mr. HARGIS. Well, then, I thought since I had looked over at the Texas Book Depository and some people looking out of the windows up there, didn't seem like they knew what was going on, but none of them were looking towards, or near anywhere the shots had been fired from. At the time I didn't know, but about the only activity I could see was on the bridge, on the railroad bridge so---
Mr. Stern.
What sort of activity was that?
Mr. HARGIS. Well, the people that were up there were just trying to get a better look at what was happening and was in a haze and running, or in a confused fashion, and I thought maybe some of them had seen who did the shooting and the rifle.
Mr. STERN. Then what did you do?
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