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(Testimony of Mr. Jack Ruby)

Mr. Ruby.
Chief Justice WARREN. You will have to let me see when we can figure that out. But I assure you, it won't be delayed, because our desire is to terminate the work of the Commission and make our report to the public just as soon as possible, so there won't be any misunderstanding caused by all of these rumors or stories that have been put out that are not consistent with the evidence in the case.
But it will not be unnecessarily delayed, and we will do it on behalf of the Commission, I promise you.
Mr. Ruby.
All I want, and I beg you--when are you going to see the President?
Chief Justice WARREN. Well, I have no date with the President. I don't know just when. But as soon as I do see him, I will be glad to tell him what you have said.
Mr. Ruby.
All I want is to take a polygraph to tell the truth. That is all I want to do.
Chief Justice WARREN. Yes.; that, I promise you you can do.
Mr. Ruby.
Because my people are going to suffer about things that will be said about me.
Chief Justice WARREN. Yes; well, I promise.
Mr. Ruby.
Hold on another minute.
Chief Justice WARREN. All right.
Mr. Ruby.
How do you know if the facts I stated about everything I said, statements with reference to, are the truth or not?
Chief Justice WARREN. Well, if you want a test made to test those principal questions, we will work them out so they can be tested.
As I understand it, you can't use the polygraph to say now this is the story.
Mr. Ruby.
I know that.
Chief Justice WARREN. To say you have the story of Jack Ruby. You can't do that.
Mr. Ruby.
I know that. You can clarify by questioning me when I conceived the idea and what my answer would naturally be that Sunday morning.
Chief Justice WARREN. Maybe I can help the situation this way. Suppose you list for us, if you can, the questions that you would like to have asked of you on the polygraph to establish the truth of your testimony.
What things do you consider vital in it, and what would you like to have verified?
Mr. Ruby.
Yes; but you are telling me to do these things--these things are going to be promised, but you see they aren't going to let me do these things. Because when you leave here, I am finished. My family is finished.
Representative Ford.
Isn't it true, Mr. Chief Justice, that the same maximum protection and security Mr. Ruby has been given in the past will be continued?
Mr. Ruby.
But now that I have divulged certain information because I want to be honest, all I want to take is a polygraph test and tell the truth about things and combat the lies that have been told about me.
Now maybe certain people don't want to know the truth that may come out of me. Is that plausible?
Representative Ford.
In other words, the Chief Justice has agreed, and I on the Commission wholeheartedly concur, that you will be given a polygraph test as expeditiously as possible.
And I am sure you can rely on what has been stated here by the Chairman.
Mr. Ruby.
How are we going to communicate and so on?
Chief Justice WARREN. We will communicate directly with you.
Mr. Ruby.
You have a lost cause, Earl Warren. You don't stand a chance. They feel about you like they do about me, Chief Justice Warren. I shouldn't hurt your feelings in telling you that.
Chief Justice WARREN. That won't hurt my feelings, because I have had some evidence of the feeling that some people have concerning me.
Mr. Ruby.
But you are the only one that can save me. I think you can.
Chief Justice WARREN. Yes?
Mr. Ruby.
But by delaying minutes, you lose the chance. And all I want to do is tell the truth, and that is all.
There was no conspiracy. But by you telling them what you are going to do and how you are going to do it is too late as of this moment.
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