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(Testimony of Mr. Jack Ruby)

Mr. Ruby.
Chief Justice WARREN. You take my word for it and the word of Representative Ford, that we will do this thing at the earliest possible moment, and that it will be done in time. It will be done in time.
Mr. Ruby.
Well, you won't ever see me again, I tell you that. And I have lost my family.
Chief Justice WARREN. Yes?
Mr. Ruby.
No, no; you don't believe me, do you?
Chief Justice WARREN. To be frank with you, I believe that you are not stating now what is the fact.
I don't say you don't believe it, but I believe that I will be able to see you again and that we will be able to take this test that you are speaking of.
Well, I think we have tired Mr. Ruby. We have had him here for close to 4 hours now, and I am sure our reporter must be equally tired, but we appreciate your patience and your willingness to testify in this manner for us.
Mr. Ruby.
All I want to do is tell the truth, and the only way you can know it is by the polygraph, as that is the only way you can know it.
Chief Justice WARREN. That we will do for you.
(Whereupon, at 2:50 p.m., the President's Commission recessed.)
Mr. Ruby.
Monday, June 8, 1964

Testimony of Henry Wade, Patrick D. , Dean

Testimony of Henry Wade

Mr. Ruby.
The President's Commission met at 9:25 a.m., on June 8, 1964, at 200 Maryland Avenue NE., Washington, D.C.
Present were Chief Justice Earl Warren, Chairman; Senator John Sherman Cooper and Allen W. Dulles, members.
Also present were J. Lee Rankin, general counsel; Norman Redlich, assistant counsel; Dr. Alfred Goldberg, historian; Waggoner Carr, attorney general of Texas, and Charles Murray, observers.
Henry Wade
Mr. Ruby.
Senator COOPER. Will you raise your hand?
Do you solemnly swear the testimony you are about to give this Commission will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. Wade.
I do.
Senator COOPER. You are informed about the purposes of this investigation.
Mr. Wade.
I know it, generally.
Senator COOPER. Do you desire a lawyer?
Mr. Wade.
No, sir.
Senator COOPER. Thank you very much.
Mr. Rankin.
Mr. Wade, we are going to ask you generally about the time of Mr. Oswald's, Lee Harvey Oswald's, arrest, what you had to do in connection with the entire matter, and the press being there at the jail, and the scene-and seeing what happened there, and the various things in regard to Mr. Dean and other witnesses in connection with the matter.
Will you state your name?
Mr. Wade.
Henry Wade.
Mr. Rankin.
Where do you live?
Mr. Wade.
I am district attorney, or criminal district attorney of Dallas, Tex.; my home is in Dallas.
Mr. Rankin.
Will you tell us briefly your qualifications for your position and profession?
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