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(Testimony of Leo J. Gauthier)

It contains certain positions marked as frame numbers. It indicates elevations and a column dealing with angle of sight from the frame positions to the window and to a horizontal line.
It also contains angels of sight the degree of sight and distances from these positions to a point on the top of the bridge, handrail height.

Mr. Specter.
May it please the Commission, that concludes the description of the general setting.
I would like to move now at this time for the admission into evidence of Exhibit No. 884, which completes all of the exhibits used heretofore.
Mr. Mccloy.
It may be admitted.
(The document heretofore marked for identification as Commission Exhibit No. 884, was received in evidence.)
Mr. Specter.
May it please the Commission, that completes the testimony of Inspector Gauthier.
I would like to call Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Mr. Mccloy.
Mr. Shaneyfelt?

Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt

Testimony of Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt

Mr. Specter.
Would you state your full name for the record, please?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; Lyndal L. Shaneyfelt.
Mr. Specter.
By whom are you employed?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
I am employed as a special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Mr. Specter.
And how long have you been so employed?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Fourteen years.
Mr. Specter.
What are your duties, in a general way?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
I am assigned to the FBI Laboratory, as a document examiner, and photographic expert.
Mr. Specter.
Daring the course of those duties, have you had occasion to make an analysis of certain movies which purport to have been taken of the assassination?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; I have.
Mr. Specter.
What movies have you examined?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
I have examined a roll of 8-mm. motion pictures made by Mr. Abraham Zapruder of Dallas, Tex., that he took on November 22, of the assassination of President Kennedy.
Mr. Specter.
Can you outline in a general way how the movies taken by Mr. Zapruder came into your possession?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; Mr. Zapruder, on realizing what he had in his photographs, took them immediately to a local Dallas processing plant, had them processed, and had three copies made. He turned two copies of those movies over to representatives of the Secret Service.
The original and other copy he sold to Life magazine.
The FBI was given one of the copies by the Secret Service. The Secret Service loaned a copy to us long enough for us to make a copy for our use, which we did, and this copy is the one that I have been examining.
Mr. Specter.
At any time in the course of the examination of the Zapruder film, was the original of that movie obtained?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Yes; it was. On February 25, Mr. Herbert Orth, who is the assistant chief of the Life magazine photographic laboratory, provided the original of the Zapruder film for review by the Commission representatives and representatives of the FBI and Secret Service here in the Commission building.
Mr. Specter.
And what was the reason for his making that original available?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
Life magazine was reluctant to release the original because of the value. So he brought it down personally and projected it for us and allowed us to run through it several times, studying the original.
Mr. Specter.
Was that because the copies were not distinct on certain important particulars?
Mr. Shaneyfelt.
That is correct. The original had considerably more detail
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