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(Testimony of Leo J. Gauthier)

Mr. Specter.
May it please the Commission, we will mark the tracing Commission Exhibit No. 882, and not take it out, since the cardboard represents it, and place Commission Exhibit No. 883 on the cardboard drawing itself, and I would like to move for the admission into evidence of both Exhibits Nos. 882 and 883.
The Chairman.
They may be admitted.
(The documents referred to were marked Commission Exhibits Nos. 882 and 883 for identification, and received in evidence.)
Mr. Specter.
Will you now describe what Exhibit No. 883 is, Inspector Gauthier, indicating, first of all, the approximate size of the cardboard?
Mr. Gauthier.
This is a copy of the tracing measuring 40 inches in width, 72 inches in length. It is made to a scale of 1 inch equals 10 feet. From the data compiled on that day by the surveyor, this tracing was prepared.
The area is bounded on the north by the Texas School Book Depository Building, and on further here by railroad property.
Mr. Specter.
Indicating a general westerly direction from the School Book Depository Building?
Mr. Gauthier.
Yes; I am pointing towards the west.
On the east it is bounded by Houston Street.
On the south by Main, which is a roadway going through Dealey Plaza.
And on the west by the triple underpass.
Located on this plat map are street lights accurately located, a catch basin, certain trees, location of trees, the delineation of the concrete pergola, which you see here on the photograph, the outer boundaries of the pericycle, and the reflecting pool--locating exactly the window in the Texas School Book Depository Building, in the southeast corner, and also a tabulation of the measurements and angles that the surveyor has compiled from certain positions identified for him on the street by an observation from this window, an observation from the position of Mr. Zapruder----
Mr. Specter.
When you say this window, which window did you mean?
Mr. Gauthier.
The window on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building, the one in the southeast corner, the farthest window.
Mr. Specter.
And when you identify the Zapruder position, what did you mean by that?
Mr. Gauthier.
This is a concrete abutment of the pergola, located in the area upon which Zapruder was standing at the time the movies were made.
(At this point, Senator Cooper entered the hearing room.)
(At this point, Representative Ford withdrew from the hearing room.)
Mr. Specter.
Are there any other positions noted on the diagram that you have been describing showing where other movies were made?
Mr. Gauthier.
(At this point, Chief Justice Warren withdrew from the hearing room.)
Mr. Gauthier.
We also locate the position of Mr. Nix, who also made movies of the motorcade at certain points on the roadway.
Mr. Specter.
On what street was Mr. Nix standing?
Mr. Gauthier.
I am pointing now to the south side of Main Street, approximately in front of the concrete pylon of the south pericycle structure. That is a short distance from the intersection of Main and Houston.
Mr. Specter.
A short distance west of the intersection?
Mr. Gauthier.
Mr. Specter.
And what other position is shown of the situs of a movie photographer?
Mr. Gauthier.
We have another position here by Mrs. Mary Muchmore, who made movies of the motorcade movement along the Elm Street roadway on November 22, 1963.
Mr. Specter.
I now hand you a schedule which I have marked as Commission Exhibit No. 884 and ask you what figures are contained thereon.
(The document referred to was marked Commission Exhibit No. 884 for identification.)
Mr. Gauthier.
This is a copy of a tabulation which appears on the plat map.
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