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(Testimony of Howard Leslie Brennan)

Mr. Brennan.
you in the best words I could to explain exactly my movements and what happened.
Representative Ford.
And here today you have testified freely on your own?
Mr. Brennan.
Right, I have.
Mr. Dulles.
Anything you would like to add?
Mr. Belin.
One other question, sir.
For the record, would you repeat what I would say would be a full statement of the reasons which caused you to state in your December interview to the FBI that you had always been convinced that the man you saw in the lineup was the man you saw firing the rifle, whereas on November 22d you declined to give positive identification. Could you give all of the reasons, please?
Mr. Brennan.
Well, as I previously have said, I had saw the man in the window and I had saw him on television. He looked much younger on television than he did from my picture of him in the window--not much younger, but a few years younger--say 5 years younger.
And then I felt that my family could be in danger, and I, myself, might be in danger. And since they already had the man for murder, that he wasn't going to be set free to escape and get out of the country immediately, and I could very easily sooner than the FBI or the Secret Service wanted me, my testimony in, I could very easily get in touch with them, if they didn't get in touch with me, and to see that the man didn't get loose.
Representative Ford.
When you got home, about 3 o'clock, on November 22d, that is when you did get home?
Mr. Brennan.
Representative Ford.
Was your wife there?
Mr. Brennan.
Representative Ford.
Did you and your wife discuss any aspects of the assassination and your being present, more or less, at the scene of the assassination?
Mr. Brennan.
Yes; we discussed it. We talked--I talked of moving her and my grandson, which was living with us at that time and my daughter--moving them out of town somewhere in secrecy.
Representative Ford.
Why did you talk about moving your wife and your grandson out of town on this afternoon on November 22d?
Mr. Brennan.
Because I had already more or less given a detailed description of the man, and I talked to the Secret Service and gave them my statement, and they had convinced me that it would be strictly confidential and all that. But still I felt like if I was the only eyewitness, that anything could happen to me or my family.
So that was just about the length of our discussion of it.
She seemed to think that a person can't get away--wherever they go.
Representative Ford.
Did you talk to anybody else between 3 p.m., November 22d and the time when one of the law enforcement agents came out and picked you up that day?
Mr. Brennan.
Not to tell--not to give any information out.
My wife and I went to the bank in Mesquite that. evening, and my daughter was at home. And I told her if anyone called to first have them identify themselves, and find out the nature of their business that they wanted me for, and if it was the FBI or the Secret Service, to tell them where they could contact me.
And so we were in the bank, I believe, talking to the vice president that evening. My daughter called and said Mr. Sorrels had called, and that he had requested her to get the word to me to call him. And she called me at the bank, and then I asked the secretary to get the number for me. And I called Mr. Sorrels, and Mr. Sorrels told me there would be a man to pick me up at 6 o'clock promptly.
Representative Ford.
6 p.m., November 22d.
Mr. Brennan.
Yes; that is right.
Representative Ford.
And he did pick you up, and you did go down to the police station?
Mr. Brennan.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Belin.
When you got back from the police station, did you have any further conversation with your wife about what you saw in the police station?
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