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(Testimony of Roy H. , Special Agent, Secret Kellerman)

Mr. Kellerman.
the apparent trouble Ambassador Stevenson had down there one evening, we certainly should have had some information on somebody.
Representative Ford.
Hypothetically, if you go to other large metropolitan areas, do you normally get names from various agencies, including PRS, warning you of an individual or groups that might cause trouble?
Mr. Kellerman.
Again I say that our PRS would recheck their files, from all the cities--from all the cases that they have in that city, and furnished us information, whether a report or photographwise. They in turn would--and I believe I am correct on this--they in turn notify the Bureau of this visit, or may have people check through their files. They can doublecheck this stuff. I don't recall any information whatsoever, except that picket thing.
Representative Ford.
It is surprising to me, as well, and I gather it was certainly, on reflection, surprising to you--
Mr. Kellerman.
Yes; it is.
Representative Ford.
Was this in itself any warning to you that there might be some breakdown in the system?
Mr. Kellerman.
Gee--no; I never cherished that thought, sir.
Representative Ford.
You assumed that the proper liaison between various agencies was taking place, and your PRS was operating effectively?
Mr. Kellerman.
Oh, yes; very much; yes indeed. Now, if I am wrong, when I check these two questions back here, I will let you know.
Mr. Specter.
Congressman Ford, on this line, perhaps I should say that organizationally we are divided into phases where this is a separate phase in terms of protective devices. So, for the prepared part of what the staff has set up, we have by design omitted that portion here, with later witnesses to go into all these questions in some detail for the Commission.
Representative Ford.
I was trying to get from Mr. Kellerman--from his testimony he was indicating that he was the person who from on or about November 17 had the responsibility. And I was trying to trace precisely how this responsibility was carried through, up to the point where you started out this morning. Do I understand, then, that at some later point in the Commission hearings with other witnesses we will go back into the process of how these decisions are made, as far as PRS is concerned?
Mr. Specter.
Yes, sir. There will be detailed witnesses on the workings of PRS, and how they functioned with respect to this trip, and what information the FBI had or the State Department had about Lee Harvey Oswald, and whatever coordination, if any, was present. Our thought was that that would be handled separately, organizationally. Certainly, to some extent it is impossible to draw sharp lines of distinction here. But that is the way the staff has prepared the distinctions--with Mr. Kellerman more specifically, as the other witnesses of today, on the sequence of events themselves at the assassination.
Representative Ford.
But, as far as the procedures within PRS and the relationship between the Secret Service, the FBI, and other Federal agencies, that will come up later on in other witnesses who are more familiar with the precise workings.
Mr. Specter.
Exactly; yes, sir.
Representative Ford.
Who actually had the responsibility to check the route from the airport to the Trade Mart? I mean to check the route, lay out whatever security precautions should be taken from the outset until the day of the President's visit?
Mr. Kellerman.
That was coordinated, Mr. Congressman, between Mr. Lawson and members of the Dallas Police Department, sir.
Representative Ford.
You did not arrive in Dallas until the morning of the assassination?
Mr. Kellerman.
Yes, sir; that is correct, sir.
Representative Ford.
As you were in the car, in the right front seat, and the car turned from Main Street right into Houston, you had for a relatively short period of time an opportunity to look at the Texas School Depository Building. Did you look at it; did you notice anything about it? What was your reaction, if any, to that particular building?
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