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(Testimony of Mrs. Bertha Cheek)

Mr. Griffin.
Did you read the first paragraph?
Mrs. Cheek.
I think I read pretty well through everything, because I can hold it off and read it pretty good. I was holding it. I can see if I hold it far away. If you want, you can read it to me.
Mr. Griffin.
Why don't I start to read at the last paragraph on page 132 of Commission Document 86. It reads: "At Ruby's invitation, Mrs. Cheek said she did discuss such investment with Ruby at the Carousel. Ruby proposed her investment of $6,000 in a club, the identity or location of which he would not disclose, apparently Mrs. Cheek said to preclude her going around him on the deal."
"Mrs. Cheek said she would not consider the investment of $6,000 without full disclosure and had suggested to. Ruby that he get an option on the business so that he might discuss the proposal openly. This concluded the discussion of such investment by Mrs. Cheek with Jack Ruby."
Let me ask you at this point, was your understanding that this was a going business that he was going to buy?
Mrs. Cheek.
No, it was the location that he was going to buy and then put the club in.
Mr. Griffin.
So it really means that he should get an option on the real estate?
Mrs. Cheek.
Yes. That is what I told him.
Mr. Griffin.
"Throughout these discussions at the Carousel, Mrs. Cheek stated that Ruby was assisted by one Frank, whose last name Mrs. Cheek did not recall.
"She described Frank as a man of Jewish extraction about 60 years of age with gray hair. Frank was present, she said, apparently to provide Ruby with a good recommendation as a nightclub operator as this was the extent of his participation in the discussion."
You would amplify that to say that Frank also talked about how Frank was going to decorate the place?
Mrs. Cheek.
He didn't tell that he was going to decorate this place. He talked about how he decorated the other place and how nice a job he did. And he spoke of how, what a good operator Ruby was in the nightclub business and how he could make money.
Mr. Griffin.
Then the last sentence is:
"Mrs. Cheek was unable to provide any additional information of pertinence concerning Jack Ruby."
Well, I take it that you have no additions or corrections to make to what I have just read you?
Mrs. Cheek.
That's correct.
Mr. Griffin.
All right. I want to thank you for spending all this time, and I realize that this has been a sacrifice for you to come down here, and we will try to make arrangements to make photo copies of a few of the records that you have.
Mrs. Cheek.
You are welcome to them.
Mr. Griffin.
Again I say you are very kind to give us your time, and I would ask you a couple of questions in conclusion.
One, have you been interviewed by any member of the Commission Staff prior to appearing here today?
Mrs. Cheek.
Those FBI men.
Mr. Griffin.
By other than that?
Mrs. Cheek.
Barry and Mr. Kelley.
Mr. Griffin.
But nobody that identified himself as a member of the Commission's staff, as opposed to an FBI agent or Secret Service agent? You haven't been other than these two interview reports that I have showed you? Have you been interviewed by anybody on any occasion?
Mrs. Cheek.
I don't think so, unless when the police and the FBI or anyone comes to my house about any of the rents or anyone, I always talk to them, and now I don't know.
Mr. Griffin.
All right, before I----
Mrs. Cheek.
I give them all the information I can give them.
Mr. Griffin.
Before I sat down here with you in the room this afternoon, did I interview you at all?
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