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(Testimony of Lt. Jack Revill)

Mr. Hubert.
Let the record show that I am showing Lieutenant Revill, a document which has been identified as Commission's Report 81-A. Are you familiar with the letter of transmittal of this report dated December 16th, 1963, which is at the first part of the report, and runs for 11 pages, signed by Sawyer, Westbrook, and Jones?
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir; I am.
Mr. Hubert.
I believe that this report, in its very last paragraph, says that you have read it and concur?
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Some of the reports in there are actually signed by you?
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir; that's correct.
Mr. Hubert.
Do you know an officer, a reserve officer by the name of Mayo?
Lieutenant REVILL. Mayo?
Mr. Hubert.
Lamar Mayo. I think his civilian employment is in he is an accountant or chief of credit department of Sears, Roebuck here. Lieutenant
Lieutenant REVILL. This is R. L. Mayo?
Mr. Hubert.
It could be R. L. Mayo.
Lieutenant REVILL. I looked here and I found a copy of an interview of a reserve officer, Sgt. R. L. Mayo, signed by myself and Lieutenant Cornwall.
Mr. Hubert.
Lamar W.?
Lieutenant REVILL. We do have an L. W. Mayo. It is possible that we made an error on this up here, the girl---
Mr. Hubert.
It is L. W. Mayo, I think.
Lieutenant REVILL. It will be the same. I was looking at his report, and what we had put in our report about his position or duty assignment and what happened here, they
Mr. Hubert.
When you say "here," you are talking about
Lieutenant REVILL. In the report It is page 70.
Mr. Hubert.
Page 70 of Commission's Document 81-A.
Lieutenant REVILL. What happened, the secretary in typing the report put the wrong initial. She placed R. L. Mayo, and it should read L. W. Mayo.
Mr. Hubert.
I noticed that you are talking about the part of the letter which starts off "Re: interview of Reserve Officer, Sgt. R. L. Mayo, 826," that being a heading on the letter of December 3, 1963, but the next document also numbered page 70, in Commission's Document 81-A, shows that the initial report dated November 26, addressed to Chief Curry is signed, "L. W. Mayo," and it is your thought--that it is an error in the first document which is entitled, "Interview of Reserve Officer, Sgt. R. L. Mayo." and it should have been, "L. W. Mayo. ?"
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes.
Mr. Hubert.
It is your opinion that that is the same person?
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir; this is my opinion.
Mr. Hubert.
I understand that Sergeant Mayo, when he was interviewed by you stated that he had been approached by some individual who was either a minister or posing to be a minister in any case, who was trying to get into the jail through the Commerce Street entrance on November 24, prior to the shooting, stating that he wanted to see Oswald, and that you had told him, well, that wasn't pertinent to your inquiry, and all I want to do is ask you what--if it is true, and just what comment do you have to make on it?
Lieutenant REVILL. I don't recall making that, because it would have been pertinent to my inquiry, because in the reports i make reference to an individual who was on the street trying to get in who was wearing a Whitehouse---a streamer with the words, "Whitehouse Press." This, to me, was pertinent, and this minister--of course, the minister wanted to see Oswald prior to the shooting.
Mr. Hubert.
Yes. In other words, your statement is that you do not recollect that Mayo made such a statement to you?
Lieutenant REVILL. No, sir; he might have made such a statement, but
Mr. Hubert.
If he did, your thought would be you would have put it in?
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir; because to me it would have been pertinent. Anything.
Mr. Hubert.
Do you recall his statement to you, Mayo to you, that after the
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