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(Testimony of Lt. Jack Revill)

Mr. Hubert.
Lieutenant REVILL. No.
Mr. Hubert.
You report to the Chief himself, I mean, you don't go through Stevenson or Batchelor?
Lieutenant REVILL. Just directly to the Chief.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, I would like you to state briefly, so that we get the full story, just what function you have had with respect to the investigation of the shooting of Oswald. First let me ask you: Were you present when Oswald was shot?
Lieutenant REVILL. No, sir; I was not.
Mr. Hubert.
Did you have anything to do with the transfer of Oswald?
Lieutenant REVILL. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Were you on duty that day?
Lieutenant REVILL No, sir; later I was, but not the morning of the shooting.
Mr. Hubert.
Not at the time of the shooting?
Lieutenant REVILL. No.
Mr. Hubert.
Now, then, go ahead and tell us about just what you did with reference to the investigation of this.
Lieutenant REVILL. After Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald I was assigned to an investigative committee to determine how and why Jack Ruby gained access to the basement of the city hall. This committee was comprised of myself, Lt. F. I. Cornwall, Lt. P. G. McCaghren, Lt. C. C. Wallace, Capt. O. A. Jones and Inspector Sawyer, and I do not recall his initials, but our function was to interview the people present in the basement on the morning of the shooting, and any other leads that might be developed from these interviews We were to follow up on these.
Mr. Hubert.
When did the official committee you have just mentioned come into existence and who put it in existence and who gave you your orders?
Lieutenant REVILL. This committee was formed--created at the orders of Chief J. E. Curry. The exact date I do not recall. It was in December.
Mr. Hubert.
All right. Go ahead.
Lieutenant REVILL. As previously stated, our function was to interview these people.
Mr. Hubert.
Had any other interviews of these, people been made prior to the commencement of the functions of your committee?
Lieutenant REVILL. Interviews, as such, no. Most of the officers had submitted written reports as to their specific duties on the morning of November 24, 1963.
Mr. Hubert.
Do you know when that was done ?
Lieutenant REVILL. I presume that it was done on the date of the shooting and immediately thereafter.
Mr. Hubert.
Isn't it a fact, as I recall it, that the individual reports made by every officer who was in the basement more or less followed a form in the sense that they were submitted a list of questions, at least they had to answer that much, and they could, perhaps, go further if they wanted to ?
Lieutenant REVILL. I believe the form letter you make reference to was given to the police reserve officers. These are the people that I devoted my efforts toward, the police reserve, but Lieutenant Cornwall and I, our duty was to interview these reserve policemen.
Lieutenant McCaghren, O. A. Jones and Wallace interviewed the sworn officers.
Mr. Hubert.
By the way, where is Cornwall now ?
Lieutenant REVILL He is in Louisville, Ky, at the Southern Police Institute. He left a week ago.
Mr. Hubert.
And I understand that he is going to be there
Lieutenant REVILL. 3 months.
Mr. Hubert.
3 months?
Lieutenant REVILL. Now, Lieutenant Cornwall and I were together throughout the existence of this committee.
Mr. Hubert.
Are you familiar with the document entitled, "Investigation of the Operation and Security Involved on the Transfer of Lee Harvey Oswald, on November 24, 1963," which I now show you ?
Lieutenant REVILL. Yes, sir; I am.
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