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(Testimony of Kerry Wendell Thornley)

Mr. Jenner.
I see.
Mr. Thornley.
Centering around an investigation of that character after his defection to the Soviet Union.
Mr. Jenner.
For further identification of the document which I will mark Thornley Exhibit No. 3, page I is entitled "Chapter 1, Gung Ho."
Page 4 is entitled "Chapter 2, Fallen Comrade."
Page 7, in the center, is entitled "Chapter 3, Hush Hush."
Page 11 is entitled "Chapter 4, Blue Marines."
Page 14, in the upper portion, is entitled "Chapter 5, Peace Gospel."
Page 21 is entitled, at the head, "Chapter 7, The Killer."
Page 24, near the center, is entitled "Chapter 8, Captain Kidd."
Page 27, at the bottom, "Chapter 9, Mutiny."
Page 31, "Chapter 10, John Henry."
Page 34, "Chapter 11, The Storms."
And page 37, "Chapter 12, The Chicken."
(The document referred to was marked Thornley Exhibit No. 3 for identification.)
Mr. Thornley.
Now, this Exhibit No. 3 is a much greater fictionalized approach toward, well, as far as reference goes to Oswald, the character upon--the character which is based upon Oswald in Exhibit No. 2, Johnny Shellburn, Exhibit No. 3 is much farther from life.
Mr. Jenner.
Is Johnny Shellburn assimilated to Oswald?
Mr. Thornley.
Yes; much more so in Exhibit No. 2, though, than in this one.
Mr. Jenner.
That is Exhibit No. 3.
Mr. Thornley.
Yes; since I wrote Exhibit No. 2, I have learned to write fiction rather than a thinly disguised biography.
Mr. Jenner.
In other words, Exhibit No. 2 was primarily a biography?
Mr. Thornley.
Not in the strict sense that it portrayed a man's life in detail, but in the sense that any reference, most of the references, as is explained in this preface toward the end of the book--
Mr. Jenner.
When you say this preface, you mean the preface to Exhibit No. 2?
Mr. Thornley.
That is, Johnny Shellburn toward the end of the book, well, from before the middle of the book on, extends more and more to reflect Oswald's character, and I definitely was thinking about Lee Harvey Oswald when I wrote this book, Exhibit No. 2, whereas--
Mr. Jenner.
In your discussion refer to them by exhibit number.
Mr. Thornley.
I will keep my hands below the table.
Mr. Jenner.
You don't have to do that. Just use the exhibit numbers.
Mr. Thornley.
Whereas in Exhibit No. 3, I have universalized it more, tried to get away from giving any impression that I am making a chronology of the life and times of Lee Harvey Oswald, which is something I thought would be relevant as far as the Commission would be concerned in reading the material.
Mr. Jenner.
Would you mark Exhibit No. 3 accordingly, Mr. Reporter?
I offer in evidence Thornley Exhibit No. 3. I take it, Mr. Thornley, that you commenced the preparation of Exhibit No. 3 subsequently to the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Mr. Thornley.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Jenner.
And that Exhibit No. 3 reflects a course of events and their imprint upon you that occurred on and after November 22, 1963.
Mr. Thornley.
No, no; Exhibit No. 3 reflects the same course of events reflected in Exhibit No. 2. As far as the telling of the story goes and the characters therein it takes place back in 1959. It makes a definite attempt, however, to get away from Oswald as a specific character and to discuss the problem of disillusionment in the peacetime military or disillusionment with values on a much more universalized range than Exhibit No. 2.
Mr. Jenner.
All right. May I make a copy of Exhibit No. 3?
Mr. Thornley.
Mr. Jenner.
Under the same circumstances and upon the same conditions as you granted your consent to make a copy of Exhibit No. 2?
Mr. Thornley.
Yes, sir; Exhibit No. 3 also does include some things on-that I have acquired through the news on Oswald since the assassination because
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