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(Testimony of Kerry Wendell Thornley)

Mr. Thornley.
Oswald tends to reflect the type of person I was talking about. So to put it, to make it as clear as possible, right now I realize I am saying Exhibit No. 3 is more like Oswald and less like Oswald, to put it as clearly as possible.
Mr. Jenner.
You are going in two directions at once.
Mr. Thornley.
Exhibit No. 2 is more like the Oswald I knew in MACS 9, the Oswald of my experience, whereas Exhibit No. 3 is a universalized Oswaldian-type character based upon not only my own experience but the news that has come to me about Oswald, about other people like Oswald, other defectors, other assassins, and so on and so forth, since November 22.
Mr. Jenner.
All right. Now, Mr. Thornley, tell me. something about Kerry

Thornley. You obviously, to me, are not a doorman.
Mr. Thornley.
Oh, yes; I am a doorman.
Mr. Jenner.
You are at the moment performing that service. But that isn't your objective in life.
Mr. Thornley.
My objective is to write books, novels primarily, as many as I can in the years that are given to me, and possibly upon publication of one of them to go back to school to further my ability to write.
Mr. Jenner.
Are you taking any training in that respect or have you in recent years?
Mr. Thornley.
Well, not formally. I have devoted myself to a lot of exercises in writing, and I have availed myself of the help of any experts I could grab onto, including successful novelists and former newspaper reporters and so on and so forth, to help me solve problems in my writing and improve it, but there is really, to my mind, my outlook on writing a novel; for example, there is not much you can learn from a formal course in writing. I think you can learn much more from, say, the study of linguistics or semantics; if you, are going to learn anything from a university, for example, on writing, and this I intend to do in due time.
Mr. Jenner.
We occasionally have been off the record, not often, and I have talked with you on the telephone. Is there anything that was said between us in the course of our telephone conversations or in any off-the-record discussions that you think is pertinent to the Commission's assignment of investigating the assassination of President Kennedy that I have failed to bring onto the record?
Mr. Thornley.
No, sir; I think we have very thoroughly covered it.
Mr. Jenner.
Is there anything that occurs to you that you would like to add that you think might be pertinent to our inquiry and of help to the Commission?
Mr. Thornley.
No; there is certainly nothing else I can think of.
Mr. Jenner.
Your deposition will be written up rather promptly. We probably will have it tomorrow, and would you be good enough to call me, say--when do you go on duty?
Mr. Thornley.
At 5 o'clock.
Mr. Jenner.
Call me in the forenoon--I mean right after lunch--and if it is convenient will you come in and read over your deposition and sign it?
Mr. Thornley.
All right. May I just, to make absolutely sure, may I take down your phone number once more?
Mr. Thornley.

Affidavit of George B. , Jr. Church

Mr. Thornley.
George B. Church, Jr.
Mr. Thornley.
The following affidavit was executed by George B. Church, Jr., on June 27, 1964.


County of Hillsborough, ss:
I, George B. Church, Jr., 2427 Sunset Drive, Tampa 9, Florida, being duly sworn say:

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