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(Testimony of Carlos Bringuier)

Mr. Bringuier.
Miami Herald made an interview to Fernando Fernandez. I already asked to some person in Miami to send me the Miami Herald, from September 3 to September 10 to try to get all the information directly from the Miami Herald but at this moment I only have the Spanish publication over there.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you know where Fernandez is now?
Mr. Bringuier.
No; I don't know where he is. He was telling in that interview that he was willing to go to Cuba, to go back to Cuba. I don't know whether he is in Cuba now or not. Excuse me. Did you check any other trip from Oswald to Mexico previously to the trip 3 weeks before the assassination? Because I think that you have to know sure that Mr. Stuckey, Bill Stuckey, made another interview to Oswald, and he had the tape of that interview. I have one tape of that interview. I think that that interview was made on August 17, 1963, and at that interview Oswald said, answering to one question, that he had been in Mexico, and in all the magazines that I am reading they are talking about Oswald was born in New Orleans, he went to New York, he came back to New Orleans, he went to the Marines, he went to Russia, he came back, he he went to Dallas, he came to New Orleans back, he went to Mexico 3 weeks before the assassination, but I don't read in any newspaper or any magazine talking about some other trip from Oswald to Mexico, and if you have that tape, in Oswald's own voice, he admitted that he had been to Mexico before August 17.
Mr. Liebeler.
Well, Mr. Stuckey will be here this afternoon. We will ask him about that.
Mr. Bringuier.
Thank you.
Mr. Liebeler.
Going back briefly to this story of Mr. Pena telling you that he had seen Oswald in the Havana Bar with this other Mexican, did the FBI ever talk to Mr. Pena about this? Do you know?
Mr. Bringuier.
I don't know. I know that the owner of the Havana Bar, in my opinion, is a good person, but he says that always when he talk to the FBI in the bar or something like that, that he lose customers, because, you see, to those bars sometime there are people, customers, who don't like to see FBI around there, and he says that always he lose customers when the FBI start to go over there, and sometime he become angry and sometime he don't want to talk about. I am sure that the brother, Ruperto---I am sure that he will tell everything that he knows.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you form any opinion as to whether the report that Ruperto made about Oswald being in the bar was an accurate report?
Mr. Bringuier.
Well, the question is this: Was not only Ruperto told me that Oswald went to Havana Bar. The one who told me that was Evaristo Rodriguez, and I never saw Evaristo Rodriguez telling lies or never--Evaristo is quiet person, he is young, married, but he is quiet. He is not an extrovert, that is, not a----
Mr. Liebeler.
He wouldn't be likely to make this story up?
Mr. Bringuier.
No; I don't believe so.
(At this point, Mr. Jenner entered the room to obtain photographs, and there ensued an off the record discussion about the photographs.)
Mr. Bringuier.
I remember that when somebody--I believe that was the Secret Service showed to me the other picture that I tell you, that they were--they had already identified one and they were trying to identify the other one. I am sure that there were two, and no doubt about that.
Mr. Liebeler.
In any event, you didn't recognize any of the----
Mr. Bringuier.
Mr. Liebeler.
Individuals in the pictures that we showed you previously, Pizzo Exhibits 453-A and 453-B, and Exhibit No. 1 to your own deposition?
Mr. Bringuier.
Mr. Liebeler.
The only person you recognized in those pictures was Lee Oswald?
Mr. Bringuier.
That is right, that is right, and the guy I showed you, the one from Kasuga, the Japanese.
Mr. Liebeler.
[Exhibiting photograph to witness.] Now I show you Exhibit No. 1 to the affidavit of Jesse Garner, and I ask you if you recognize the individual in that picture.
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