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(Testimony of Carlos Bringuier)

Mr. Bringuier.
I don't know if you have a copy of----
Mr. Liebeler.
Off the record.
(Discussion off the record.)
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you want to put that on the record, that story you told me just a minute ago?
Mr. Bringuier.
Last January I went to Miami, Fla., where I was talking to Dr. Emilio Nunez-Portuondo, former Cuban Ambassador to the United Nations, and he told me that just after the assassination of President Kennedy he received a request from one of the biggest Mexican newspapers asking him for some public declarations of opinion about the assassination. He sent that day a letter with his press release inside, addressed to one friend of him who is living in Mexico City and his friend deliver that press release to the Mexico City newspaper in Mexico. In that release, Mr. Nunez-Portuondo blamed Fidel Castro as the "intellectual murderer of President Kennedy."
Dr. Portuondo told me that the same day that that information appear in the paper, his friend suffer an attempt to be kidnaped. There went about eight men to this man house, and when they were trying to put him inside one automobile, at the same moment pass a reporter---I believe that was from the AP--and when the reporter saw what was going on, he start to ask for help. At that moment the police came and started to question the eight men, and, according to Nunez-Portuondo, they identified themselves as members of the Secret Service of the Mexican Government, and Mr. Portuondo's friend was beaten so hard that he had to go to a hospital for 4 days with a broken leg, just because he was the one who deliver Nunez-Portuondo's statement to the Mexican newspaper blaming Fidel Castro for the murder of President Kennedy.
Mr. Liebeler.
I want to go back briefly to the letter from Fernandez to Lechuga which you indicated had been intercepted.
Mr. Bringuier.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Liebeler.
What letter is this and who intercepted it?
Mr. Bringuier.
Well, I believe that that letter was intercepted here in New Orleans when Fernandez was sending the letter to Mexico. I didn't have too much contact with that deal, because that was for another organization, not my organization, and I didn't want to be involved, in that that maybe was against the law. I always try to be out of----
Mr. Liebeler.
You mean this letter was intercepted by some other Cuban organization?
Mr. Bringuier.
Yes; for the same organization who had the training camp.
Mr. Liebeler.
That was intercepted while it was in the U.S. mails?
Mr. Bringuier.
I think so. I think that he gave that letter to somebody to drop in the mail, and that somebody that was suspicious about him, they opened the letter and they found what the letter was telling. I don't know what they do with the letter. I don't know nothing else. I know about what is said in the paper. I know that they dismantle all the training camp here in New Orleans. They went back to Miami. I paid the trip for two of them to go back to Miami. Excuse me. I did not pay the trip, I collect some monies among some Cubans, and we paid the trip. I don't want to set something on the record that is not----
Mr. Liebeler.
Does it say something about the letter in these newspaper stories that you have referred me to?
Mr. Bringuier.
Mr. Liebeler.
Does it refer to the letter in these newspaper stories?
Mr. Bringuier.
That is right, is covering the whole history about it [producing newspaper].
Mr. Liebeler.
These newspaper stories are, as we have indicated, in the Diario Las Americas, issues of September 4, 1963, and September 6, 1963. Do you have copies of these or do you want to keep these?
Mr. Bringuier.
I think they are the only ones we have.
Mr. Liebeler.
Mr. Bringuier.
I will tell something else to you: This information--they are taking this information from the Miami Herald.
Mr. Liebeler.
You are referring now----
Mr. Bringuier.
That was the one who interview Fernando Fernandez, the
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