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(Testimony of Clifton M. Shasteen)

Mr. Shasteen.
cut his hair, but I cut it more, I guess, than the rest of them did. I think the boy on the front chair cut it once and the boy in the middle chair cut it a couple of times, but I think I cut his hair three or four times. I don't know just exactly because since then I have backed up and looked at it and tried to remember the dates he was in there and tried to tell you just the way it was when he would come in, he was alway disgruntled, and the only time I ever saw him smile he had on a pair of yellow house shoes and I never saw any like them before.
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. Shasteen.
Yes; slip-ons, only they were a little heavy--they were just a little heavier than just a common house shoe, and I admired them and I said, "Them looks expensive," and he said, "They are not."
"He said, "I gave a dollar and a half for them." I said, "My goodness, where did you get a pair of house shoes for a dollar and a half?" And he said, "Down in Old Mexico."
Mr. Jenner.
Down in Old Mexico?
Mr. Shasteen.
And I said, "Man, I'd like to have a pair of them because I have to wear a shoe built up," you see and they were heavy enough that I could build that shoe up and he said, "Well, I'll get you a pair the next time I'm down there," and that is the only time he ever was nice and polite-in the conversation, any time anything would come up--anybody else would talk to him, he was just disgruntled.
I remember him particularly one time. The barber in the front chair, one Saturday morning, he cut his hair. You know, the barber chair is only so far from the sink, but there's not room for two men between that and the sink. Well, the fellow on the front chair cut his hair and he gets up and goes back in the middle chair and gets between the barber and his bench back there and stands back behind and combs his hair.
In other words, what he was trying to do---fixing to or wanting to, he just pushed him out. He was just rude and we all remembered that time, because this boy that works for me that's here, he is more or less high strung type of guy. I mean he is a real good fellow but you wouldn't want to push him too far and I remembered that real well, and I saw him the only time I remember seeing him, you know, other than just going in the grocery store across the street, Mr. Hutchison's food market, and I was down at the drugstore one night, down at Williamsburg's and he was in there.
Mr. Jenner.
Williamsburg's--that's in Irving?
Mr. Shasteen.
Yes; it's down on Rock Island and Rogers Road. And, why I remembered seeing him in there, I knew I couldn't understand his wife, and that was before--- I believe it was before she had her baby. The best I remember she was pregnant.
Mr. Jenner.
Had you seen her before?
Mr. Shasteen.
That's the only time I had ever saw her, that I remember. You know, she may have come to the grocery store with him but I didn't pay any attention. Sometimes there were two women with him and I assumed it was Mrs. Paine, but Mrs. Paine has never been in the shop. I have saw her around, you know, like my brother-in-law used to live right across the street from her and the fellow that lives right on the corner and I'm trying to think of his name----
Mr. Jenner.
On the fifth?
Mr. Shasteen.
And Westbrook that old gentleman, I knew him for years, but I don't never call his name and I can't think of it now to save my neck. I would know it if I hear it called, but anyhow, you know, I've stopped by and chatted with him a lot of times in the daytime. I've got some rent houses, you know, and I would get out of the shop and I would go by and see them and I would come by this fellow's house and I would stop there and I saw Mrs. Paine out in the yard and I know-all of the people that live around there nearly, around the Paine's house, but I never had any connection with Mrs. Paine or Mr. Paine.
Them is the things there about Oswald that I personally, you know, that I ever paid any attention to and one other time" when the boy in the middle
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