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(Testimony of Robert Edward Oswald Lee Resumed)

Mr. Mckenzie.
Pennsylvania family, and her father has been engaged in the oil business under the name of Sharples Oil Company.
Wynne Sharples, following her divorce from George De Mohrenschildt, re-married and married another M.D.
Mr. Jenner.
What is her married name?
Mr. Mckenzie.
I do not recall her married name, but I do believe that she and her then husband, and I presume her present husband, the doctor that she married, were engaged in medical research at some hospital in Philadelphia or Baltimore, looking to the cause and a cure of a children's ailment of a very serious nature, and I believe it was connected with some blood type ailment.
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. McKENZIE No, it was not leukemia. There was an article on Wynne Sharples in one of the magazine supplements of either the Dallas Times-Herald or the Dallas Morning News, within the past five years.
George De Mohrenschildt has subsequently remarried, and some time within the past two years there was an article on George De Mohrenschildt in one of the Dallas daily newspapers, telling of a trip that he and his new bride were going to take through Mexico and Central America walking. In other words, they were going to walk from Dallas or the Mexican-United States border through Mexico and through Central America. It is my understanding that such a trip was taken, and that George De Mohrenschildt has since that time returned to Dallas, Tex. In fact, I have seen him in Dallas, Tex. within the past 7 months.
I do not know of any relationship between George De Mohrenschildt and Marina Oswald or Lee Harvey Oswald, nor have I ever heard of any.
Mr. Jenner.
Would you describe George De Mohrenschildt physically, his physical appearance, the one you have in mind?
Mr. Mckenzie.
The man that I know is a large man, approximately six foot one to three inches. He would probably weigh 205 to maybe 215 pounds.
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. Mckenzie.
He appears to be between 45 and 50 or 51 or 52. He has got a dark complexion, and I would say a typically foreign expression or foreign look to him, from the standpoint of being either a Russian or of the Slavic races.
Mr. Jenner.
Have you ever spoken with him, to give us your impression of whether he has a foreign inflection in his speech?
Mr. Mckenzie.
He does have a foreign inflection in his speech, and I have heard, I do not know this to be true, but I have heard that Mr. De Mohrenschildt has quite a way with the ladies.
Mr. Jenner.
All right, thanks.
Mr. Dulles.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. Oswald, I have asked you about the Nixon and General Walker incidents. Did you at any time prior to November 23, 1963, have drawn to your attention any incident of any kind or character of action on the part of your brother Lee similar to those which have been raised as to General Walker and Richard Nixon?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir, I have not.
Mr. Jenner.
You have seen pictures of, and you have heard about, the rifle which was allegedly employed by the assassin of President Kennedy in that assassination?
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Jenner.
And you have seen pictures of it?
Mr. Oswald.
That is correct, sir.
Mr. Jenner.
Did you at any time prior to November 2.3, 1963, ever see the rifle which is alleged to have been employed in the assassination of president Kennedy?
Mr. Oswald.
I have not.
Mr. Jenner.
Did you ever see at your home or any place a rifle of that character in the possession of your brother, Lee Harvey Oswald?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir, I have not,.
Mr. Jenner.
Did you ever see any rifle of that character in or about any premises that he might or was occupying or that Marina was occupying?
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