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(Testimony of Robert Edward Oswald Lee Resumed)

Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir. The last line is "told her this story."
Mr. Jenner.
All right. Proceed, sir.
Mr. Oswald.
We had a discussion----
Mr. Mckenzie.
Pardon me just a second.
For the sake of the record, let me state this. A copy of this diary has been furnished to the Commission, photostated by the Commission, and Mr. Jenner has it in front of him.
Mr. Jenner.
I will qualify it, Mr. Chief Justice. But I didn't want to take Your Honor's time at the moment, because I do want to cover another subject while you are still here. Proceed, sir.
Mr. Oswald.
What prompted my question as to whether or not Lee was ill while he was in Russia was the followup of a conversation that we had in relation to an incident that occurred some time in the year of 1963. I am not able to place the date of that purported incident. I was advised at that time in reference to this incident that on one day, that Lee was going to shoot at or shoot Mr. Richard M. Nixon, that Marina N. Oswald locked Lee Harvey Oswald in the bathroom for the entire day.
At the end of this brief remark in relation to Mr. Nixon, I asked her at that time had Lee been ill or been in the hospital while he was in Russia. And, at this time, she told me yes, that he had, on two occasions, been in the hospital in Russia.
I asked her what was the nature of the illness. My best recollection of that, sir, was that he was having difficulty with his sinus, and that the cold was bothering him somewhat. And I do not recall anything more specific than that in relation to the illness.
Mr. Dulles.
Could I ask one question there?
Did Marina say whether this was while they were in Minsk, or she didn't indicate where he was at the time?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir, she did not.
Mr. Dulles.
She did not?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; she did not.
Mr. Jenner.
Have you now stated and exhausted your recollection of everything she said on that subject of his illness on that particular occasion?
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir; I have.
Mr. Jenner.
And you did not pursue the matter any further than you have indicated with her?
Mr. Oswald.
Sir, I believe I attempted to, and with her limited knowledge of the English language, we were encountering some difficulties. And I told her perhaps at a later date, or something of that nature, that we could discuss it more fully.
Mr. Jenner.
Did you ever pursue it with her on any subsequent occasion?
Mr. Oswald.
No, sir; I have not.
Mr. Jenner.
If I may, Mr. Chief Justice, I will return to that illness feature at a later point.
You have an entry in your diary under the date of January 13, 1964--
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir, in reference to Mr. Nixon?
Mr. Jenner.
Now, you have alluded to Mr. Nixon in testifying with respect to your conversation on the subject of illness with Marina.
Mr. Chief Justice, if I may, I will read the entry on that particular date, and will wish to question the witness about it.
"Sunday, January 13, 1964. Jim advised that Marina told him that Lee wanted to"--and there are a series of five dashes, followed by the letters, "NMR, also, but Marina locked Lee in the bathroom all day. This was confirmed later this day by Marina. On the way to the cemetery."
Is that in your handwriting?
Mr. Oswald.
Yes, sir; it is.
Mr. Jenner.
Would you please supply, if suppliable, what is indicated by the three dashes preceding the letters "NMR" and identify what the letters "NMR" refer to?
Mr. Oswald.
If I may, sir, correct you there.
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