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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mr. Rankin.
February 1, 1962, on Exhibit 192, and the letter itself is February 1, 1962. That is pretty fast.
Mr. Dulles.
It must be 11. Isn't there a 1 left out on the other side?
Mr. Rankin.
Well, it is in handwriting. 80 that would be pretty fast mail.
I offer Exhibit 192.
Exhibit 193, dated February 9, 1962, on the letter, and it is stamped on the envelope as February 23, 1962. I offer Exhibit 193.
Exhibit 194 is dated February 15, 1962, on the letter, and stamped on the envelope March 1, 1962. I offer Exhibit 194.
Exhibit 195 is dated February 24th, without a year date, and the envelope is stamped March 7, 1962. I offer Exhibit 195.
Exhibit 196 is dated March 28th, stamped on the envelope is April 9, 1962. I offer Exhibit 196.
Exhibit 197 is dated April 22d, without a year date on the letter, and stamped on the envelope is April 28, 1962. I offer Exhibit 197.
Exhibit 198 is dated May 30, 1962, on the letter, and is stamped on the envelope June 6, 19--it doesn't show clearly what the year is, but there is a 196, and I take it is 1962. I offer Exhibit 198.
The Chairman.
All of the documents that have just been offered in evidence may be admitted and take the numbers assigned to them.
(The documents heretofore marked Commission Exhibits Nos. 180 through 198 for identification, were received in evidence.)
Mrs. Oswald.
I don't believe this letter belongs with the letters. May I see it, please? Is that a letter from Russia? I don't think so, from what I can see from here.
Mr. Rankin.
It purports to be, Mrs. Oswald. I hand it to you. It is Exhibit 198 you are speaking of?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes. I'm sorry. There was another very important letter of this size that I thought maybe became confused with the Russian letters. You will have to forgive me, Chief Justice Warren, but this is quite a big undertaking.
The Chairman.
Yes. I just wanted to keep the record straight. It is all right.
Mr. Rankin.
I ask leave, Mr. Chairman, to substitute copies in each instance.
The Chairman.
That may be done.
Mr. Rankin.
Now, Mrs. Oswald, will you proceed with telling us how you determined or concluded that there was a conspiracy between the Secret Service people that you described and Marina Oswald----
Mrs. Oswald.
Well, when I stopped-I have to remember where I stopped. Now, am I still at the Six Flags?
Mr. Rankin.
The last I recall you were still there. You had also described, if you remember, the offer of Mrs. Pultz to take your daughter-in-law and provide her a home. You have said that you had not seen your daughter for quite some time, and you tried to communicate with her.
Mrs. Oswald.
Oh, yes--I was trying to communicate with her.
Mr. Rankin.
And you talked to Mr. Thorne?
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes--that was where my mail had been opened. And Mr. Mark Lane has my mail and the photostatic copies of the mail.
Mr. Rankin.
I think the Commission would be very much interested in how you conclude that there was a conspiracy--if you can help on that.
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, I can help you. But I have many, many stories. I have to start from the defection. I have a story of Lee's life at age 16 that maybe you know about, maybe you don't. And I have many stories, gentlemen. I cannot do all these stories in these 6 hours I have been here today. I have covered quite a bit. I have many stories.
Representative Boggs.
Why did your son defect to Russia?
Mrs. Oswald.
I cannot answer that yes or no, sir. I am going to go through the whole story, or it is no good. And that is what I have been doing for this Commission all day long--giving a story.
Representative Boggs.
Suppose you just make it very brief.
Mrs. Oswald.
I cannot make it brief. I will say I am unable to make it brief. This is my life and my son's life going down in history. And I want
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