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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald Resumed)

Mr. Rankin.
1959, in error, with October 30, 1961, as the postmark on the envelope, I wish to call the Commission's attention to this reference.
"Marina's maiden name was Prusakova. Her aunt and uncle's address in Minsk is"--and then the address is set out in Russian. And then continuing the same sentence--"they don't speak any English. However, her uncle is an Army colonel soon to retire."
Mrs. Oswald.
And that I would think would be the letter that the Secret Service was one of the letters that the Secret Service, as I previously stated, had.
Now, may I say something here?
Marina uses two names--Prusakova and Nikolaevna. Whether she was married before, or whether she uses two maiden names, I do not know. But I have a record of both names.
Mr. Rankin.
I offer in evidence Exhibit 183.
Representative Ford.
Mr. Rankin, don't we have a record of those two names? Isn't one her maiden name and the other by her mother--and the other by her stepfather?
Mr. Rankin.
That is the record we have. That is what Mrs. Marina Oswald testified to. She testified in regard to Nikolaevna.. And the other name appears on her papers as the father.
Mrs. Oswald.
But now Lee has said in one of those letters that her name is Nikolaevna. But then when he asked me in one of the letters to get an affidavit of support that Marina could come to the United States, that name appeared--Nikolaevna. Yet there are a couple of letters where he refers to her name as Prusakova. And I have it in his handwriting-when he gave me the slip of paper for the baptism he used Prusakova Marina Prusakova Oswald. He did not use the name in the letters. That is what I find peculiar.
Mr. Rankin.
The explanation was that the Prusakova was the identification of the father, which is often done. And she explained that. with regard to the child they did not want to name June Lee Oswald with your son's name, if you recall--that is your son did not want that. But the Russian Government insisted that the father's name had to be shown.
Mrs. Oswald.
Yes, I am familiar with that. I have done research on that. In Russia the father's name is used even if it is a girl. Now, Mr. Peter Gregory--his name is Peter Gregory, and his father's name is Peter, so his name is Peter Peter Gregory. They always use the father's name as a second name, regardless of sex. So June is named June Lee Oswald, which is Lee's name. And if there were two Lees it would be Lee Lee Oswald. That I know of.
Mr. Rankin.
Exhibit 184 is dated November 8, 1961, and bears a postmark on the envelope November 18, 1961. I offer it in evidence.
Exhibit 185 is dated November 23d, without any year on the letter itself, with the postmark December 4, 1961, as the American postmark on the envelope. I offer Exhibit 185.
Exhibit 186 is Christmas greetings and bears the date December 12, 1961, stamped on the envelope. I offer Exhibit 186.
Exhibit 187 bears the date December 13, 1961, on the letter, and bears the postmark date December 26, 1961, on the envelope. I offer Exhibit 187.
Exhibit 188 bears the date December 20th, without any year on the letter. and the date January 2, 1962, stamped on the envelope. I offer Exhibit 188.
Exhibit 189 bears the date January 2d, and the stamped postmark on the envelope January 11, 1962. I offer Exhibit 189.
Exhibit 190 bears the date January 23d, on the envelope, January 22, 1961. written on the back of the envelope. I offer in evidence Exhibit 190.
Exhibit 191 bears the date January 20th, and stamped on the envelope is January 29, 1962. I offer Exhibit 191.
Mr. Dulles.
These are all airmail letters?
Mrs. Oswald.
They are all registered return receipt mailed. Everything I had to sign for.
Mr. Dulles.
Nine or 10 days apparently, it took.
Representative Boggs.
That is right--about 10 days, each one of them.
Mr. Rankin.
Apparently--it states "Par Avion". But this one bears a mark
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