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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald)

The Chairman.
It is not an accusation against your son. There was an accusation against your son in the Texas courts. That is an entirely different proceeding.
We are here to do justice and be fair to everyone concerned in this matter. And I assure you that that is our main and our only purpose in serving on this Commission. None of us cherish this responsibility.
Mrs. Oswald.
I am sure, sir.
The Chairman.
And the only satisfaction we can derive from it is to be fair to all concerned.
And I assure you that is our objective in the matter.
Mrs. Oswald.
I do not mean to imply that this Commission will not be fair. I know about the men on the Commission. And they are all very fine men, including yourself, Chief Justice Warren. If I have implied that, I will--will now say I do not imply. But I do state a fact that I do not think that you can come to a true conclusion. I want that for record.
Now, I am going to produce--and this will be a fact--and this is on the basis----
The Chairman.
Now, we have finished the three things that you are talking about, and we are going to your testimony?
Mrs. Oswald.
This is in connection with this, Chief Justice Warren. And I think it is very important to present a picture.
And then if you allow me these few minutes, I will be through.
Is that satisfactory, sir?
The Chairman.
Yes, go right ahead.
Mrs. Oswald.
Now, I believe you mentioned that you would not have the power or give me the power to subpena them. But if I could produce the facts in my story, then I believe we should have these people called.
Now, here is an article in the Washington paper--and the date happens to be torn off, but I can get it-that Senator John G. Tower had made. And I have outlined here----
The Chairman.
I wonder, Mrs. Oswald-before we get into any details of this kind, let's settle this situation as to whether the Commission will say to you now that it will subpena anyone you ask.
I must say to you that you cannot put that burden on the Commission. The Commission will have to exercise its own discretion as to who it subpenas and when.
Mr. Doyle.
. Mr. Chief Justice, may I say something? I was wondering if whether or not what Mrs. Oswald is addressing respectfully to the Commission is her confidence that if in the course of her own testimony and the actual facts that she is producing, she expresses confidence that if those facts recommend the subpena of additional witnesses, or the recall of others, she expresses her confidence that that would be done, if the facts she outlines so require.
The Chairman.
She may be very sure of that, as I tried to tell her.
But the only thing--I would not want Mrs. Oswald to leave here and say, "I gave the Commission a list of witnesses and they did not call all of them."
Now, that is a matter that will have to be in the province of the Commission, and not in the province of a witness.
And I say that without any combative not in a combative spirit. Because, as your counsel states, I think we are not far apart on it, Mrs. Oswald.
Mrs. Oswald.
No. And I appreciate the fact----
The Chairman.
But fairness will have to judge our actions. And we propose to be fair.
Mrs. Oswald.
Now, I guess I am a very stubborn person. I am a very aggressive person, as you know by now.
I would like this would be just 2 minutes, and it would bring a point, and then I would be through, if I may.
The Chairman.
Very well.
Mrs. Oswald.
Senator Towner has dates here, and the main part of the article is that he had received a letter from the State Department.
Now, I would like-- I have information from the State Department, I have documents from the State Department which is contrary to the dates and contrary to Senator Tower's public statement.
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