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(Testimony of Mrs. Marguerite Oswald)

Mrs. Oswald.
They may forget to testify something that my counsel has facts on. I will have to accept your verdict, but I don't do it graciously.
I want that for record.
The Chairman.
Yes. Well, that is all right, Mrs. Oswald. You may state that for the record.
Mrs. Oswald.
I have documents, and I would like to ask, please I will not leave any documents out of my hand. I carry them with me wherever I go. Even Mr. Doyle has been told that the documents stay with me.
I have had documents stolen from me. I have had newspaper clippings stolen from me in my home, by the Secret Service.
I make the statement perfectly plain. And so the documents stay with me.
Now, these are originals. I want, and you will want, copies of every original I have, and I will be more than happy to let you have them. However, I want to be present when these copies are made and the original returned to me.
I will under no circumstances let anyone have my originals for an hour or two, and then return them to me if I am making myself plain.
I would like to request that, please.
The Chairman.
We will accommodate you in that respect.
Mrs. Oswald.
Then I have one other stipulation or request.
When I tell my story, I will be including people in my story that possibly you don't know of. I request that I have the Privilege, through you, of course, to subpena these people that are in connection with the story that I tell, if you do not have the names already.
And I feel sure that I have some information that you don't know about, and there are some people involved.
I also request that after my testimony, that Marina Oswald will be subpenaed-not subpenaed but will then testify again, if you see fit. And I believe that I have contrary testimony to her testimony that would make it necessary for her to be recalled.
I ask that that be granted.
The Chairman.
Well, Mrs. Oswald, of course you have no power of subpena, and we have no power to give you the power of subpena. But you may be sure that if your evidence produces anything that is critical to this investigation, that we will pursue it to the end, in order to determine the weight of the testimony for our final report. You may be sure of that.
Mrs. Oswald.
I appreciate that.
The Chairman.
But as to how we do it, or when we do it, you will just have to leave that to the Commission.
Mrs. Oswald.
You will give me the assurance that these people I name, regardless of title I am liable to name some very important people----
The Chairman.
No, we cannot give you any assurance, because we don't know----
Mrs. Oswald.
I see no reason, then, for my testimony.
The Chairman.
Well, Mrs. Oswald--you cannot commit us to subpenaing anybody. We don't know. You are talking to us, and we are in the dark. You cannot commit this Commission to doing something that might be improper, it might not even be helpful in any way, shape, or form. The Commission will be reasonable in every respect. We have no desire to protect anyone. We have no desire to injure you or anyone else in this matter. And certainly you ought to have some confidence in a commission that is appointed by the President, and not try to tie our hands in a way that would be contrary to the manner in which commissions normally proceed.
Mrs. Oswald.
Now, Mr. Warren, you made a statement that you in no way--I cannot quote your words--intimidate me. But you did not include my son. My son is being accused of the murder of President Kennedy. And I think that my son should be considered in this. He is dead. But we can show cause that my son is not the assassin of President Kennedy. And so I would like my son--he is the main object of the Presidential Commission, is he not, sir?
The Chairman.
No, no, he is not, Mrs. Oswald. The purpose of this Commission is to determine what the facts are in the assassination of President Kennedy.
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