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This section is closed, no more entries can be submitted. It seems to be impossible to establish a serious and neutral discussion, without any assaults, harrasments, blames etc. Interesting enough, 99 percentages of those disturbances were caused by defenders of the Lone Assassin Theory. I am tired of editing and filtering blames and accusations after 15 years.

Sorry for this. Keep asking questions! One day, they will be heard...


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On 01-Jul-2009, Robert S. wrote:


1. There is not one speck of forensic evidence placing James Files in Dealey Plaza at the time of the Kennedy assassination. I feel that Wm Dankbaar has led you astray with his devotion to the James Files fantasy.

2. If Kennedy was shot from the right front then why there was NO damage to the left rear of the president's head? Why weren't there ANY metallic fragments found in the left rear of the brain?

3. If Kennedy was shot from the right front, then why ALL bullet fragments were found in FRONT of Kennedy and NONE were found to the left rear as one would expect if a shot had been fired from the right front?

4. Why has EVERY medical panel that has studied the autopsy photographs and x-rays ALL reached the same conclusion: Kennedy was struck by two and ONLY bullet, both fired from an elivated location to his right rear (Oswald's location.)

On 28-Jun-2009, Ricardo wrote:

Does anyone here know of, or has anyone here compiled, a bibliography of poetry about the JFK assassination? I live real close to Dallas, go to Dealey Plaza several times a year, and am interested in writing a long poem about it. I see what comes up with basic library catalog and Google searches, but I'm not seeing a legitimate bibliography out there. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.

On 27-Jun-2009, magicman wrote:

look at frame312 then 313 of shooting, the first of two last shots,notice the head start forward now frames 314 thur.317 about 7hundreds of a second lster, blood splatter subsides, then frame 318 the second shot from front, by Mr. Files, from the grassy knoll, rips though the right temple and exits the rear of head sending his head backwards [notice the pertrution on the back of head] not seen in the frames mentioned above.NOTE Do this sequince one frame at time and you will see what I see and tell me I'm wrong.Two bullets hit him about same time.Read the James Files Case for more info.

On 25-Jun-2009, Linda wrote:

This will be my last post.

The government does not purposely withhold information from it's citizens to protect them from themselves or from some "scary stuff out there", they do it to cover things up and to protect their own jobs, lives, and bank accounts.

Everyone just remember there was a SECOND investigation into the JFK assassination. At that time, in 1979 the House Select Committee came to the finding after months of more witnesses and evidence that was not available at the time of the original Warren Commission investigation, that JFK WAS ASSASSINATED AS THE RESULT OF A PROBABLE CONSPIRACY, thereby negating the Warren Commission findings.

It has not gone unnoticed that after this revelatory finding, nothing was done subsequently to seek out and find just who these "conspirators" were. There can be only one reason for that. That reason being the conspirators WERE

the government.

On 23-Jun-2009, William B wrote:

I think it was important for the US Government to spin a story (i.e. lone gunman) for the well-being and safety of it's citizens, than to subject them to a very complicated and evil world which they would never understand.

On 15-Jun-2009, Robert S. wrote:

I don't think any evidence was left outside the home after the Walker shooting. Oswald was standing in the parking lot of a chapel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints following their weekly youth meeting. He very well may have been standing on asphalt which would have made finding the cartridge easy, and it wouldn't have left behind any footprints.

But for me, the fact that Oswald admitted to Marina that he attempted to murder Walker, and his incriminating note left behind, and his mysterious absence that night and agitated return afterwards, is proof positive of his guilt. If Oswald WASN'T guilty of taking that shot at Walker, why then would he do EVERYTHING that a guilty person would have done that night? For instance, that same night, my father didn't leave a note for my mother detailing everything she should do in the event they never met again, my father didn't leave the house unexpectedly and without explanation, and he didn't return homr later that same night out of breath and admit to MY mother that he just murdered Edwin Walker. And why didn't my father do these things? Because he didn't commit the crime. And why DID Oswald do all of thoer very things? Because he DID commit the crime.

On 13-Jun-2009, James S wrote:

Nice work Robert, concerning the Walker attempt, I know of all the photographs, sketches, Marina's testimony and the bullet that matched Oswalds gun but was there any evidence found outside ? A cartridge or shoeprints perhaps ? Regards James

On 07-Jun-2009, Robert S. wrote:

It seems odd to you that the Dallas police would want to pursue a young man considering the following details:

1. He had just ducked into a theater without paying for a ticket only a couple of blocks from the scene of a murder of a fellow police officer only a few minutes before?

2. They still didn't have a suspect in the assassination of President Kennedy less than two hours earlier and this man is seen hiding inside a theater also within a few miles of the presidential murder scene.

3. This same young man had been seen ducking into the front alcove of Hardy's Shoe Shop by Johnny Brewer only moments before just as police cars sped down Jefferson Blvd.

Just exactly WHO would YOU have told your men to pursue if you were the chief of police in Dallas moments after the assassination of the President and the murder of one or your police officers? Could Oswald have been acting any MORE guilty even if he tried?

It seems to me that Oswald was the PERFECT person to send your men to apprehend and question. And please keep in mind that of ALL the people in Dallas that afternoon Oswald happens to have a revolver on him inside a movie theater and he happens to be the ONLY person in the city whose fingerprints were found on the rifle that was later proven to have fired ALL bullets and fragments thereof in the assassination of Kennedy and he just happens to match the physical description of the gunman who not only killed the president but also matched the description of the man who murdered Officer Tippit. And please keep in mind that when asked to stand up inside the movie theater by Officer McDonald he leapt to his feet, yelled out, "Well it's all over now!" and he struck Officer McDonald, pulled his revolver and attempted to shoot and kill Officer McDonald by firing his weapon (which misfired.) Please explain what Oswald meant by "Well it's all over now!" Just exactly WHAT was all over? The movie? Oswald tried to murder a police officer in the theater because the MOVIE was all over now?

This sounds like an innocent man to you? To me it looks like a man in frantic flight from two murders he just committed. Let's assume that Oswald WAS innocent of both the murder of Kennedy and Officer Tippit and a police officer came up to him in the movie theater and asked him to stand up. Wouldn't an innocent Oswald have logically assumed that he was being asked to stand up because he just sneaked into the movie theater without paying for a ticket? Does it stand to reason that an innocent movie theater gate crasher woult risk receiving the death penalty (in Texas) for murdering a police officer (Nick McDonald) over the cost of a movie ticket?

The theory that Oswald was innocent in the movie theater simply doesn't stand up to close scrutiny or even common sense.

On 01-Jun-2009, jerry wrote:

why was the police following oswald in the movie theater? seems very odd to me!.

On 23-Mar-2009, Robert S. wrote:

All right let's get an evidence tally at this point. It has been over 45 years since President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald and from the get-go the conspiracy believers of the world have been feverishly at work accumulating evidence that points to another gunman. There are so many posts, counter-posts, accusations, and counter-accusations on numerous websites that it is difficult for a

simple person like me to keep track of all the evidence the conspiracy researchers have amassed over the years. So would a coherent voice from within the Conspiracy Community step forth and list what you believe to be the TEN most valuable pieces of tangible, forensic, measurable, and physical evidence uncovered thus far that points to someone else besides Lee Harvey Oswald. You don't have to list them in any order, just list the ten items the conspiracy community has uncovered with their tens of thousands of minions and their millions of hours of research. These have to be items that are currently in the possession of someone. Things like rifles, bullets, fingerprints, clothing fibers, photographs, films, etc...)

Now keep in mind that QUESTIONS ARE NOT PIECES OF EVIDENCE. Many conspiracy lovers believe that asking a question is the same as finding evidence to the contrary--it ain't. ANYONE can ask questions. But it takes real investigative skills to find actual evidence and have it point to one and only one person.

I will be waiting to discuss your findings.

On 18-Mar-2009, Linda wrote:

Jack Ruby's own words confirm what Joan was just talking about. It's on youtube, check it out. A reporter asked Ruby who killed the President. Rather than answer flat out Ruby says the following:

"If you want to know what happened look at the guy who has the top job now. If Adlai Stevenson had been JFK's Vice President, he would still be alive today."

I don't know how much more direct you can get than that. Ruby knew his days were numbered as long as he remained in a Dallas jail. He tried to get the Warren Commission to take him to Washington.

LBJ was in on the illegal cotton allotment paybacks going on in Texas. A high official in the Dept. of Agriculture suddenly commits "suicide" with a shotgun, only he shot himself several times during this suicide with a shotgun. That's hard to do.

The only way LBJ was ever elected to office in the first place was the infamous Ballot Box 13. It contained ballots cast by alot of dead people.

On 17-Mar-2009, Joan Tyson wrote:

Few people know this: VP L. Johnson had violated some law, only the 2 Kenedys knew about it.

Johnson was very clever in having the killers of both Kennedys killed. He was probably the only person who could carry this off and it took a few years. Remember BOTH KENNEDYS were killed.

Most killers were killed themselves. He knew exactly how to save himself, and no single person remaining as his helpers was safe.

On 15-Mar-2009, Robert S. wrote:


1. Concerning the death of Lee Bowers, here is a brief summary concerning his death taken from

"On November 22, 1963, Lee Bowers was working as a switch operator for the Union Terminal Company in Dallas. He was stationed in a railroad tower near the Texas School Book Depository at the time of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. As portrayed in the movie "JFK," Bowers told the Warren Commission that he saw "some commotion" in the "grassy knoll" area at the moment of the fatal shot that killed Kennedy; however, he was unable to fully describe just what that commotion was. While driving along near Midlothian, Texas in 1966, his car ran off the road and he was killed."

As to why you have the impresson that he died two days after the assassination I don't really know. I DO know that within the conspiracy-believers community there is a GREAT amount of disinformation that has been passed around for 45 years. In fact there has never been an event that happened in World Histoy about which there has been more disinformation than the Kennedy assassination and 100% of it comes from those who want to beleve in a conspiracy. As to WHO died within two days of the assassination the only person I can think of that was involved inthe assassination that died two days later was Lee Harvey Oswald himself. And please remember that Lee Bowers provided NO evidence of any conspiracy. NONE.

2. Concerning the neutron activitation studies, the best information is found in two sources: "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner and even deeper analysis and explanation in "Reclaiming History" by Vincent Bugliosi. Both of these books will help you better understand what was learned during this scientific study which was done in 1978 at the University of California, Irvine by Dr. Vincent Guinn.

3. A quick summary of the evidence against Oswald will probably reveal MANY things you have never heard before. For instance did you know the following:

a. Oswald was witnessed carrying a long package into work the morning of the assassination in a brown paper bag?

b. That SAME bag was found at the SE corner window of the TSBD at the very window where witnesses saw LHO prior to and during the assassination holding a rifle and shooting at the motorcade.

c. The paper bag contained Oswald's and ONLY Oswald's finger and palm prints on it.

d. The rifle found on the 6th floor had fibers lodged in the butt plate of the rifle that matched Oswald's and ONLY Oswald's shirt he wore to work the day of the assassination. If Oswald hadn't fired the rifle that day, how did those fibers get wedged in there?

e. Oswald does not have an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the assassination. Conspiracy lovers claim he was on the 2nd floor of the TSBD, but they fail to mention that Oswald NEVER said that himself. HE said that he was on the 1st floor. But the conspiracy lovers don't like to repeat Oswald's words, since there were several people who REALLY were in the 1st floor breakroom at the time of the assassination and NONE of them saw Oswald there. That is another example of conspiracy disinformation.

f. ALL damage to Kennedy's body showed only entrance wounds coming from behind and NONE from the front.

g. The limousine WAS cleaned-up soon after the assassination but NOT before ALL evidence was removed from the vehicle. At the time the limousine was cleaned and refurbished there was NO evidence left to be removed.

h. The witnesses who claim they saw a gunman fire from the grassy knoll cannot agree amongst themselves as to where the alleged gunman was located. Some say he was on the grassy knoll, some say he was behind the stockade fence, some say he fired from inside a manhole cover, some say he was on the overpass, some say he was in front of the stockade fence. What does all of this mean? Obviously there was NO gunman firing anywhere from the front.

i. If there WAS a gunman firing from the front he didn't hit Kennedy, nor the car, nor the Governor, nor anyone else in the car, nor anyone standing on the opposite side of the street. Some gunman huh?

j. As of today's date we only have ONE weapon found. It belonged to Oswald. We only have one intact bullet and several fragments, they ALL were matched to Oswald's gun's ammunition. There is NO other weapon, no other bullets, no other fragments. None.

k. Oswald was the ONLY employee to flee the TSBD after the shooting and not return later that day. The only one.

l. Oswald fled to his home and then changed his pants and shirt before he fled his boarding house. Why? Why would an innocent man change his clothes from casual work clothes to more casual work clothes?

m. Why didn't Oswald have the cab driver drop him off right in front of his boarding house? Why ask him to drive four blocks past his house and then walk back to his boarding house? Why would an innocent person do that?

n. Oswald's finger and palm print was found on the rifle that matched the bullets recovered after the shooting. No one else's prints were found on the rifle.

There are dozens and dozens of other bits of evidence I could refer to.

On 15-Mar-2009, andrea wrote:

First of all thank you very much for your information’s and your answer to my personal question about your citizenship.

it led me to another perspective but also to another bundle of questions.

I can follow the point, that the neutron analysis shows evidence for the fragments to belong to CE 399; I studying psychology and really after solid investigation, so I’m trying to get the bottom of all the facts. but why is the neutron analysis so unknown . I’ve never heard of it (what I must confess, can also come from my lack of information yet). Where can I get information’s on that???

I also was believing, that lee bowers passed away by an car accident TWO DAYS after the 22.november – who spread this information respectively where does the information come from, that he died THREE years after that. If he really died three years after, who was the men who died on 24. November.

My information at the moment is, that the limousine used this day was immediately cleaned after the event by order of president Johnson – is that right? If yes couldn`t we find a reason here for not finding fragments on the rear of the limousine?

Another question of personal interest of me is, are there any groups or people who meet to talk about the 22nd November and is there a possibility to find a group in Germany or meet to people when I’m coming over the next time from Germany to Texas?

On 13-Mar-2009, Robert S. wrote:


A few points: 1. Fragments taken from Governor Connally's wrist were tested using neutron analysis and they matched the molecular make-up of CE 399, and NO other bullet. For me, science of that level settles the issue. What htat means is this...the fragments that WERE removed from Governor Connally's body matched samples taken from CE 399 to the exclusion of all other batches of bullets on the planet.

2. The Zapruder film reveals that only one shot struck President's Kennedy's head from above and behind. The exit wound is to the right front, which is consistent with a shot fired from above and to the rear. There is NOTHING show blowing away to the left rear of the PResident, which is exactly what one would see if a shot had been fired from the right front. Also keep in mind, IF there was a shot from the front, please explain why ALL bullet fragments were in FRONT of Kennedy and NONE were to the left rear behind the President? This fact alone totally destroys any theory of a front gunman. Totally.

3. The man you are referring to was named Lee Bowers and he actually died three YEARS after the Kennedy assassination in a car accident. Of course the car accident is a red herring. Are we to believe that he hadn't told everything he knew and the alleged conspiracy murder team was hoping to silence him three years after he gave his entire testimony? As to what he saw, he didn't see ANY that would establish any other gunmen. And even if he did see people behind the stockade fence, we already know from the evidence that NO shots struck Kennedy from the right front anyway. Don't we? We just established that in my last comment.

4. Yes, I am an American citizen. I was five years-old when Kennedy was assassinated and I have a Master's Degree in American History. I have taught Advanced Placement American History for twenty-two years and I teach 140 students every year that ALL evidence points to one and only one gunman--Lee Harvey oswald. I answer any and ALL conspiracy-based questions and I totally destroy all claims made by the conspiracy camp. I do it all day long. I have never heard a single conspiracy claim that doesn't have a logical explanatino and which will ultimately point back to Lee Harvey Oswald. I find that most people don't really know much about the evidence against Oswald so they are prone to believe a lot of nonsense and disinformation spread by conspiracy lovers.

On 12-Mar-2009, Linda wrote:


The name of the man who was in the railroad tower behind the picket fence was named Lee Bowers. He testified before the Warren Commission. He died in a mysterious one car accident in Midlothian TX. He was the only person known to have seen what went on behind the fence before, during, and after the President was shot.

On 12-Mar-2009, andrea wrote:

hey robert,

hope u went back well.

thanks for refering to my questions.

i guess all the infos you provide are taken from the warren commision report (i wasn`t able to read it yet)?

that all sounds logical...but i`m looking critically to the point, that there were metal fragments left in mr. connalllys body and it was forbidden to see the x-rays or even have an autopsy after he passed away (i`m not sure on the x-ray but i am on teh autopsy). so we will never know how much the left fragments are really weighing. just to estimate is not accurate enough.

the pictures i saw on ce 399 seemed like, that the projectile was pretty much you have different pictures?

but what is your opinion on the two men seen by the men in the little hous behind the fences (i don`t know his name . sorry, but i know, that he "passed" away two days after the 22.november by a car accident).

he saw two men standing there....and what is your opinion on the zapruder film...i mean i do see that the presidents head has been shot from the front. what do you see? and waht do you think of this material?

that is all so interessting but for me it is difficult to discover the truth facts, testimonys....

may i ask if you are an american citizen and (i`m wondering about that for a long time) if you can tell me what are the kids been told in school on that historical issue. i mean what do they learn in history?? are they told the "magic-bullet-theory" or are there differrent things told on that issue?

please don`t see my questions as an attack, i really want to communicate on that theme...and discuss on all the material we can obtain. with sole assassination-believers and conspirancy believers... :)

On 10-Mar-2009, Robert S. wrote:

I have been away for a few days and just had the chance to read Linda "response." I am not fooled. You avoid my questions by calling them trivia. You didn't even respond to the points I refuted of your claims. I am glad that you used the term disinformation because the conspiracy believers out there have spent literally 46 years filling the world with disinformation. Theories about multiple gunmen without a single evidence to support the claims, claims of different trajectories without a single evidence to support them, claims of different bullets without a single evidence to support those claims.

Now as for Andrea's claims. Andrea wrote:

(edited, please read Andrea's post below, RS)

In other words you have a nearly perfect bullet in 399, but you have enough metal fragments in Gov. Connally's body as shown in the x=ray that completely disprove the single bullet theory. The fragments could not have come from 399 because there isn't enough defect in 399 to have produced those fragments.

They actually left a number of fragments in the Governor's body! When he passed away, there was a request for an autopsy so that the rest of the bullet fragments could be removed or re-exrayed. The request was denied.

My response: While your excerpt from Dr. Shaw is accurate nearly everything else you concluded from it is 100%. The fragments left behind were approximately the same weight as a postage stamp. It is clear that you have NEVER seen photographs of the different views of CE 399. If you had you would know that it is bent, and deformed considerably along the horizontal plane. Concerning the amount of weight the bullet lost. Of the two fragments recovered from the Governor's wrist, the larger was found to weigh 0.5 grain (5H72).

The smaller one plus the flakes of metal remaining in his wrist might account for a like weight. This gives us a total of about one grain for the wrist. What about the chest and thigh fragments Andrea? Dr. Shires, who noticed the chest fragment on X-ray, never estimated its weight, but he spoke of it as being the same

general size as the fragment embedded in the femur. The weight of this fragment was estimated as "a fraction of a grain, maybe, a tenth of a grain" (6H106,111). If we add to these two fragments the flake

observed just under the skin in the thigh wound, wehave a TOTAL weight of perhaps 0.5 grain in the thigh and chest. Adding this to the wrist fragments yields a total weight for all observed fragments of 1.5 grains. Clearly then, Dr. Shaw was mistaken when he testified that "there seems to be more than three grains of metal the wrist" (4H113).

An unfired projectile like 399 was determined to weigh about 161 grains (3H430). Subtracting the weight of the recovered bullet known as CE 399 (158.6 grains) from 161 grains we have

a weight loss of up to 2.5 grains. Hence, simply from the point of view of total weight, the various fragments in Connally's body could easily have come from CE 399. Critics have been wrong in contending that weight loss alone precludes CE 399 from being the bullet that wounded Governor Connally.

As you can see, I never shy away from siting the actual evidence to defend my position. Let's see which member of the conspiracy community dares to do the same. I am waiting to see how you respond to these examples of evidence that PROVE conclusively that one and ONLY one gunman fired at President Kennedy.

1. If shots came from the front of Governor Connally (as we often hear) then why were all of the fibers on Kennedy's clothing pushed inward on the back and outward on the front? How did a frontal entry do that?

2. If Kennedy was shot in the head from the front (as we often hear) then why were ALL of the bullet fragments from the killing shot found in FRONT of the President and Governor?

3. Also, if a frontal shot killed the President, why was ALL of the brain matter found to the front of the President and none found to the left rear?

4. Also, if a frontal shot killed Kennedy why does even Dr. Cyril Wecht admit that there were NO metallic fragments found in the left side of the President's brain when the x-rays were taken later that night?

and one final question...

5. Why do those who believe that Oswald was innocent of the murder always maintain that he was in the second-floor breakroom at the time of the assassination (where Officer Baker saw him 90 seconds after the assassination) when Oswald himself never ever made such a claim. Remember that Oswald himself always maintained that he was in the first-floor break room at the time of the assassination. Why the Oswald defenders not believe that words of their hero?

On 09-Mar-2009, caylee wrote:

It helped me on my homework. Peace out!

On 09-Mar-2009, sherri wrote:

i meant to say that people could clearly see in the Z film the President was hit from the front right

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