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This section is closed, no more entries can be submitted. It seems to be impossible to establish a serious and neutral discussion, without any assaults, harrasments, blames etc. Interesting enough, 99 percentages of those disturbances were caused by defenders of the Lone Assassin Theory. I am tired of editing and filtering blames and accusations after 15 years.

Sorry for this. Keep asking questions! One day, they will be heard...


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On 07-Nov-2009, Jon wrote:


Good input.

Again more questions than answers. The Warren Commission, and the Assassination Committee did little to answer the questions posed.

Here's one. Did anyone search the park area to the left of the motorcade for bullet's? Someone found a piece of JFK's skull in that area. If all bullets were from the rear how did that happen? There is film evidence of an official standing over a "bullet" in the grass on that side of the street and then another "official" comes up, picks up the "bullet" and pockets it. Where is that piece of evidence?

Also, someone back a ways commented that all the emergency room personnel gave statements supporting the Warren Commission xrays and autopsy photos. Every piece of film and documentation I have seen from Emergency room Doctors and other personnel contradict the Warren Commission xrays and photos.

Anyway, are there any Veterans who saw actual combat that can testify to a human being that has been shot moving towards the shooter? Unless they are charging full speed at the shooter they will fall away from not towards.

On 07-Nov-2009, Linda wrote:

There was a bullet hole in the windshield witnessed by FBI agents Sibert and O'Neill and they have gone on record stating this. It was witnessed by a number of people when it was in a holding area in the White House garage before it was flown to the Ford factory and completely dismantled. LBJ asked for the windshield to be replaced. Wonder why. The man who replaced the actual windshield also went on record stating it was there. It was also seen at Parkland Hospital by witnesses.


Also if you watch the Z film, focusing only on Kennedy and Connally you will see that Connally is not hit until well after the first shot hits Kennedy. It could not have been the same bullet. Remember, they said the first shot missed, the second hit both Kennedy and Connally, and the third fatally hit Kennedy. Of course, they said all this before anyone had ever seen the Z film, they never counted on that indictment by Jim Garrison and that the Z film would be subponaed for court and would have to be shown. Were it not for Garrison we would probably have never seen it.

On 06-Nov-2009, Jon wrote:

You need to do some more research.

There are photos and movies that document the windshield hole, the dent, the "Secret Service" guy pocketing the bullet, a Marine Sniper at the window explaining the difficulty of the shot & the fact that he (the Marine Sniper) could not pull off three shots with the rifle Oswald supposedly used. The rifle experts said had a faulty scope mount, and was the WORST possible choice of weapon.

Why was the Secret Service pulled off JFK's car? Why was the Limo driver braking? Why wasn't the Secret Service guy in the front passenger seat jumping into the back to cover JFK after the first shot? Why were hundreds of witnesses never interviewed? Of the witnesses interviewed, why were they the ones who bought into the single bullet? Why were all the Doctors in the emergency room ignored when they testified to the wounds to JFK? How did the Dallas police get such a great description of the Assassin in such a short time when no one actually saw the person in the window?

If the fatal shot was from the rear, why was Jackie, who was leaning in front of JFK not hit, or at least spattered with blood on her head and upper torso? Not a single photo of Jackie after the assassination shows any blood on her upper torso.

Whether Oswald could or could not pull off the shots does not explain all the other documented evidence. Photos, Movies, and eyewitness testimony from people whose integrity can' be questioned.

On 04-Nov-2009, Steve wrote:

Oswald DID qualify with a rifle for the Marines. He earned the second-highest rank (sharpshooter) and the record shows that Oswald's scores in the Marines were equal to the distance he was at when he shot and killed Kennedy.

Second, what was difficult about his position. It was the PERFECT position from which to fire. The car wasn't even moving according to Oswald--it was simply getting slightly smaller as it drove slowly away from Oswald in a straight line.

Third, one cannot claim that all three shots were extremely accurate when one of them missed the limousine entirely. Was THAT an extremely accurate shot? Even shots that missed are considered extremely accurate?

Fourth, there wasn't any bullet hole in the windshield. There was a small crack that was caused by one of the fragments from the head shot.

Fifth, the dent on the metal frame has never even been proven to have been as a result of the assassination. Some researchers are convinced it was there prior to the assassination and was caused by trying to secure the bubble top prior to the day of the assassination.

Sixth, there is not one speck of evidence that any "Secret Service" agent ever pocketed any bullet found in the grass. That too is speculation without any evidence to support it. That is entirely based on misinterpreting the photograph of Dubby Walthers squatting down and looking at the grass. The bullet is entirely made up.

On 02-Nov-2009, Jon wrote:

Bullet fragments are a good fact that more then one bullet was fired. It does not explain how Oswald got off three EXTREMELY accurate shots in 8 seconds. Oswald who did not qualify with a rifle in the Marines, using a CRAP weapon, from an extremely difficult position.

Nor does it explain the bullet hole in the windshield. The bullet indentation in the windshield cowl. The bullet that wounded the guy by the underpass. The bullet that was dug out of the grass and pocketed by a "Secret Service Agent"......

It goes on and on...

On 30-Oct-2009, Linda wrote:

There are so many tangential reasons why conspiracy seems to be what happened here not the least of which our own Congress came to that conclusion in 1979. People seem to keep forgetting that.

However, there is one reason, one factual and proveable reason that the single bullet theory just does not hold water. There were more bullet fragments removed from Connally and left inside Connally than there is defect in the bullet, period!! There is no way to argue against this point. The bullet was almost pristeen. Where did all the fragments come from?? If the sum of the parts does not equal the whole then the equation MUST change.

On 28-Oct-2009, Jon Hambleton wrote:

I just reviewed another film clip and have another observation or two.

Did you notice that every police officer/detective escorting Oswald into the parking garage very carefully looks to their right. Away from the direction Jack Ruby comes from? No one looks left.

When ever officers enter a situation their eyes scan left, right, up, down....

Strange that not one of his escorts looks left.

Also, why did the chief announce exactly when they were going to transfer Oswald? He stands in front of the media and makes it very clear when they will transfer him so it goes out on the news wires.

On 21-Oct-2009, Parry wrote:

I was born on November 26, 1963, and have had a lifelong fascination with the JFK assassination. I'm glad to have stumbled on this page and have a chance to read and express opinions about one of the most profound events in our nation's history.

I, too, watched the Kennedy specials this past week on The History Channel, and gained quite a perspective that I had not heard or learned prior to the broadcasts.

Will we ever find out the real answer as to what happened? I personally doubt it, but I believe the efforts of the conspiracy theorists and lone gunman proponents have been nothing short of noble in trying to ascertain the truth.

But maybe one of the most intriguing bits of documentation, which is not set to be released publicly until 2029, is an interview conducted with Jackie Kennedy shortly after the incident, which I don't know much about.

Any and all help will be much appreciated, and I definitely will be visiting this site often.

On 21-Oct-2009, Jon H wrote:

WOW!! Explain the bullet hole in the windshield of the limo that ALL witnesses say was front to rear.

Explain how a single bullet went from 5" down on Kennedy's back to exit his throat 5" higher (upward trajectory) then entered Conally, sitting 4 - 6 inches lower than Kennedy, under his right arm pit, even if he was turned sideways. Same bullet shatters Conally's rib and wrist, yet remains pristine.

Again, ask any combat Veteran, Police Officer, or forensics expert, if a bullet hitting a bone will remain pristine.

I don't agree with all the Conspiracy Theories. I do have many questions about how so many witnesses can be completely ignored.

Riddle me this... Why weren't SOP for the Secret Service followed? Why were Secret Service men pulled off Kennedy's limo? Why weren't the windows on the SBD building closed per SOP? Why was Kennedy's driver braking after the first shot until after the last shot?

Again Oswald FAILED to qualify at the rifle range while in the Marines. He never practiced or sighted in the rifle he supposedly fired (even if you give him 10 seconds) with extreme accuracy, from a position that was terrible for accuracy (as a qualified Marine Sniper has testified).

Lots and lots of huge questions.

Why did every doctor, nurse and technician in the emergency room agree that there was a gaping hole in the back of Kennedy's head?

Jon H

On 21-Oct-2009, Jon H wrote:

I have watched the Zapruder sequence of the fatal shot many, many, many times.

Here's my question/input:

Kennedy is leaning to his left and forward. Jackie is leaning to her right and downward - in front of Kennedy's head.

IF, IF, the shot came from the rear, why didn't Jackie get hit by the bullet?

If the bullet missed her, why doesn't she have blood and brain matter on her upper torso? No photo after the shooting shows Jackie with blood anywhere but on her skirt.

Instead you have blood and brain matter to the left and rear of Kennedy, hitting the motorcycle policeman at the left rear of the limo.

Equal and opposite reaction? I have NEVER seen a persons head, or body, that has been shot move in the opposite direction from the trajectory of the bullet. Ask any soldier that has been in combat and they will tell you that the body moves in the direction of the trajectory of the bullet.

Kennedy was hit in the upper right front of the skull, at the hair line (no facial disfigurement) and the bullet proceeded through his skull and blew out the back of his skull.

Marine sniper experts have so testified. These same Marines also said that they, qualified snipers, could not make the shot from the School Book Depository.

Whether a conspiracy of CIA, or Mob, or Money, more than one gunman was present in Dealey Plaza firing at JFK.

After looking at the Altgens photo of the doorway to the SBD, I believe Oswald was in the doorway. Not 6 floors up. Oswald who couldn't qualify on the rifle range, firing three shots in rapid succession with high accuracy, using a crap weapon... Hhhmmm....

That's a few comments.

Jon H.

On 19-Oct-2009, physics wrote:


that is a good question. There were however I believe 3 shots fired the first one hitting the concrete curve completely off target so maybe he corrected his shot using that as a test fire overshooting the target then undershooting and hitting his torso then the final shot hitting his head?

On 19-Oct-2009, Rich Carmody wrote:

Aftetr watching the show kennedy Assassination 24 hours After. I am wondering if L.B.J had largly something to do with kennedy's death it just dont seem right to me for him to take the othe in AF1 less the 2 hours after the death of one of america's geatest presedents before the plane could lieve texas

On 19-Oct-2009, alan wrote:

I have so many questions about the Secret Service detail and their failure to protect the President. I will start with a simple one, the reaction of the agents protecting the President and Vice President when the shots were fired. The agents protecting the President state that they thought the first shot was a firecracker or motorcycle backfire and therefore did not react to protect the President. The agent protecting the Vice President heard the noise and reacted immediately by jumping over the seat and laying on the Vice President "Before" the next shots were fired. Why is there a vast difference in the reaction to the noise? Why would Secret Service agents protecting the President think "firecracker" first and not "gun shot"? Why was the President "not protected" the same way the Vice President was protected? The agents in the car trailing the President's car were supposed to be scanning the crowds and building windows. They stated the crowds were small in the area of the TSBD. With 2 consecutive turns in a very short distance, one of 120 degrees, Why were they not scanning the TSBD windows which were the only real threat area in front of them? They must have known that the turn onto Elm from Houston would be the slowest point of the whole motorcade trip and the most likely area for something to happen. Why was there so little concern about protecting this "most vulnerable" area of the trip? The overpass was being protected by uniformed officers. Why were the agents concerned about the "protected" overpass ahead instead of the many "unprotected" areas right in front of them? What do you think?

On 04-Oct-2009, DAVE wrote:

One thing that has bothered me from the day of the assassination is: When did Oswald "sight in" the rifle?

One does not simple attach a scope to a rifle and hold one inch groups at 100 yards. The rifle/scope become a system. The rifle/scope have to be fired at a range and the scope adjusted until the desired rifle/scope accuracy are obtained. Even if the rifle came with the scope attached, no competent rifleman would assume that the rifle/scope had been sighted in, unless they were told that. This begs the question: who and why sighted in the scope/rifle? Even then the rifle/scope should have been test fired to confirm the accuracy. I recall one news report that stated the "rifle had a badly misaligned scope". If that is true, and I do not know how that was determined, then the rifle would have been inaccurate. This same argument applies to the MLK assassination.

On 28-Sep-2009, steve aldrich wrote:

has anyone ever checked claims i have read from a freedom of information act that showed dallas police spotting 2 men taking mock target practive over the stockade fence BEFORE the assasination, and when they got there to investigate, the men were gone...and Rose Cheramie who reported JFK would be killed in dallas...reported to a la state trooper and doctors..BEFORE ut happened...tip of the iceberg stuff

On 01-Sep-2009, physics wrote:

...the 2nd law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction..we all know this it is taught to us from elementry school till we die..anyone who has used a hammer knows this. When the bullet strikes the back of the skull it is still a fairly shaped fast moving object so it creates a small penetration hole..after striking the skull it depresses and slows a bit pushing brain matter and bone to its exit point which explodes and gives u a larger hole in the front. As this energy exits the front of the skull u get a movement which is directly opposite of which the bullet came.

As to the grassy knoll theory... The knoll has a semi-circlular cement structure in the back of it and is almost directly in front of oswalds position..when he shot the sound waves hit the structure which amplified and directed the path of those sound waves to make it sound like the shot was right there...anyone who lives in a court or circle has experienced this when someone down the street shuts a car door loudly it sounds like it is coming from behind you.

On 22-Aug-2009, Tim wrote:

I must admit I was one of these "conspiracy nuts" until I did come to the conclusion the LHO probably did do it based on the evidence of the mail order for the gun and the fingerprint testings. But, humor me, to put the finally "conspirator" in me to rest, explain this:

The botching up from the Dallas police to fail to:

1. read LHO his rights

(what about due process?)

2. question him without legal counsel

2. protect LHO from harm when transfering him. That had to be the most stupid thing the D police could have done: tranfer him on LIVE TV; and let someone they KNOW, Ruby, just walk in and shot him. Especially when Ruby was convicted twice for 'carrying a concealed weapon.' (I'm getting this from a book called "Four days."). They never should have told the media WHEN and WHERE they were tranferring him.

It just appears to me as "common sense" when something like this happens, it has conspiracy written all over it.

I'm not trying to start fights or arguments, but, like I said, humor me and tell me why when things like this happen that it is not a set-up.

Help me out!

On 21-Aug-2009, John Leader, Esq. wrote:

I am a former federal prosecutor (Assistant United States Attorney). I prosecuted a wide range of criminal cases in Arizona - including murders - for nine years.

Yesterday I visited the 6th Floor Museum and spoke briefly with Mike Brownlow at the Knoll. I would like to offer my thoughts based on what I learned yeterday.

First, many people think the existence of a conspiracy turns on "magic bullet" issues. I disagree. Instead, the question is whether more than one person shot at Kennedy. Several Grassy Knoll eyewitnesses stated right after the event that they believed some shots came from the Knoll. It doesn't matter if these "Knoll" shots hit Kennedy. If shots came from the Knoll, that means there was more than one person (Oswald) involved, meaning there was, in fact, a conspiracy.

The museum plays a video of Gov. Connally testifying he was convinced shots came from more than one direction. Gov. Connally was obviously a very credible witness in perhaps the best location to assess shot direction.

Thus, there is reliable eyewitness evidence, from the folks on the Grassy Knoll and Gov. Connally, to support shots coming from the Knoll. These witnesses were capable of assessing where shots were coming from, and had no motive or reason to make things up about the Knoll. Based on these reliable eyewitness anecdotes about shots coming from the Knoll, it is my opinion that shots did come from the Knoll and that at least two people (someone at the Knoll and Oswald) fired. Thus, a conspiracy existed.

Next point - there is a tree that may have partially obscured Oswald's view, if it was the same size in Nov. 1963. The organizers of this killing would not have put their "best shot" behind a tree. There are long standing legimate questions whether Oswald had the marksmanship skills or time to fire the fatal shot(s).

There is an abundance of fascinating evidence regarding who participated in the conspiracy and why. The most obvious co-conspirator was Ruby. If he wasn't a co-conspirator, why on earth would he kill Oswald, on national TV, much less? That is crazy. Ruby (and probably others) wanted Oswald silenced because Oswald was in a position to implicate them.

In conclusion, the conspiracy question turns on whether shots came from more than one direction. If they did, and it appears they did, there was a conspiracy.

The Kennedy murder is one of the most important events in American and world. My thanks to everyone, including Mike Brownlow, who are committed to exposing the truth. With each passing day, the chances of "smoking gun" evidence emerging decline, as people with knowledge die. It is my sincere hope that someone with reliable inside knowledge will, before they leave this planet, come clean and fess up.

Thanks for listening.

John Leader

Tucson, Az.

(former) Ass't US Attorney

District of Arizona 1990-99

On 15-Jul-2009, Mark L. wrote:

I just discovered this orderly site, and would enjoy some civil, knowledgable discussion about the Assassination of JFK.

There is a great deal of misinformation on both sides of the case. On the lone nut theorists side, they invariably confuse the Warren Commission's findings with "evidence".

The fact of the matter is, the WC never intended to get to the bottom of who actually murdered the President. While they claimed that is what they were about, their entire existance was simply to push Oswald forward as the lone matter what the evidence showed.

The conspiracy theorists almost always suffer from relying on the work of others, instead of consulting the actual evidence itself.

The evidence that sits within the 26 volumes that the WC purposely jumbled chaotically together isnt all the evidence that exists in the case. A number of reports, which the WC had made, were censored. Many eyewitnesses to the crime were studiously ignored, if they did not finger Oswald. These are real witnesses and reports, and just as viable as the evidence drawn up into the commissions volumes.

Any real student of the case will pursue the evidence...not just mouth the often cleverly twisted words of people who came along later, who use whatever means they can to push, tamp and reform the truth into whatever point of view they wish to express.

Now, about Robert's points.

Robert S. wrote:

1. There is not one speck of forensic evidence placing James Files in Dealey Plaza...


I tend to agree with him on point one.


2. If Kennedy was shot from the right front then why there was NO damage to the left rear of the president's head? Why weren't there ANY metallic fragments found in the left rear of the brain?


Let's consider the logic of Robert's basic question. There was visible NO damage to the President's face, by all accounts of every witness. If he was shot from the rear....doesnt the opposite of Robert's question bear asking?

The ballistic Arsenal, at the WC's request, fired at ten human skulls, using a carcano, hitting the spot in the rear reported in the autopsy report. All ten had the skull's face blown away...which makes a lot of sense, since they shot the skull in the back. Robert needs to answer his own question. Why does JFK have a face?

Robert apparently hasnt seen a copy of the President's xrays. Both side and front show the largest metal piece is at the rear of the skull, not down low, where the autopsy reported him hit, but higher up by some 4". Wierd it is.

I could postulate this is a sign of a frontal shot...but personally, the evidence is more suggestive of tampering with the xrays.

The evidence of tampering is mostly the existance of the rear of the Presidents head, in the xrays. Almost unanimously, the doctors of Parkland who treated JFK, the nurses there, various FBI and Secret Service pros, and all three autopsy doctors, the xray tech, the medical photographer, and the woman who developed those photos all agree quite consistantly that JFK had an orange sized defect in the back of his head. The most experianced doctor at Parkland vividly testified to shining light into the would and inspecting it, and seeing rear-bottom only brain tissue oozing out of it.

Were talking well over a score of witnesses, all professionals.


Robert's next question is also asked in his first question, so, lets skip ahead to question 4.-

3. If Kennedy was shot from the right front, then why ALL bullet fragments were found in FRONT of Kennedy and NONE were found to the left rear as one would expect if a shot had been fired from the right front?

4. Why has EVERY medical panel that has studied the autopsy photographs and x-rays ALL reached the same conclusion: Kennedy was struck by two and ONLY bullet, both fired from an elivated location to his right rear (Oswald's location.)


Actually, this is completely false. The later 1977 panel did not concur with the autopsy doctors at all. They found that there was NO entry wound down at the hairline where Humes claimed it was. Humes and the other doctors had always stated the entry site there was a partial circle...that a defect( the orange sized wound from earlier) was connected to this partial entry wound way low at the hairline in the back of the head.

The later committee, with no real head to look at, looked at the xrays only, and mysteriously, the wound was an amazing 4" higher up, and now it was a complete bullet whole, and not a "partial circumferance" like Humes had noted.

That, my friend, is most assuredly NOT "the same conclusion", as you shadily put it. It's an ENTIRELY different conclusion, and one completely impossible to logically sort out as innocent.

How could the autopsy report and the photos/xrays all show different bullet hits?

Nobody at the autopsy could see this wound up in his cowlick...and they mistakenly thought the wound was in his hairline? Think about it. Were taking about not a casual examination here, but a dissection.

It's complete nonsense.

It's no wonder, is it, that the government sought to keep all the material under wraps for 75 years.

The truth of the actual hard, physical evidence points towards two conspiracies.

The first took the life of JFK.

The second was our own government institutions doing whatever was neccessary to cover this up.

On 13-Jul-2009, Arthur M. wrote:

Robert S. is wrong. Oswald I believe was innocent in the shooting, but quickly realized that he was set-up. THAT accounts for his behavior leading up to his arrest.

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