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(Testimony of Paul M. Raigorodsky)

Mr. Raigorodsky.
had an order from the Treasury Department and one of them was sunk. Maybe this should be off the record?
(Discussion between Counsel Jenner and the witness off the record at this point.)
Mr. Raigorodsky.
Let's see, now, Pearl Harbor was in 1939?
Mr. Jenner.
1941; December of 1941.
Mr. Raigorodsky.
Mr. Davis.
Mr. Jenner.
December 8th.
Mr. Davis.
The war started in 1939.
Mr. Raigorodsky.
Mr. Jenner.
The Germans invaded Poland in September 1939.
Mr. Raigorodsky.
Already then we had the War Production Board, though to begin with it was the Defense Board, and then War Production Board, but I was asked to come to Washington. Now, let's see, which year was it? Probably 1941-- before the war.
Mr. Jenner.
Before the war with Japan, you mean?
Mr. Raigorodsky.
Before Pearl Harbor.
Mr. Jenner.
All right.
Mr. Raigorodsky.
I was asked to come to Washington to organize the Department of Natural Gas and Natural Gasoline Industries for the United States, which I did, and then I had to open--I worked under DeGolyer. I organized the Department from nothing until I had five offices. We had districts in California and Tulsa and Chicago, Houston and New York, and then in 1943 I resigned, and in the meantime I got ulcer, you know, working like you do, until 11:30 nights, so in 1943 I resigned and came back to my business.
Mr. Jenner.
Here in Dallas?
Mr. Raigorodsky.
No, in Houston. At that time I officed in Houston. By the way, while I was building plants for others, I also built plants for myself for the production of motor fuel, L.P.G. and other pipeline products, and the first plant was built in 1936--the Glen Rose Gasoline Co. The second one was built 1943--the Claiborne Gasoline Co. Then, I lived in Houston until about 1949 or 1950 and I got sick with my back. You know, I have a very bad back. They wanted to operate on me there but Jake Hamon here, a friend of mine, told me that he wouldn't speak to me unless I come to Dallas, so believe or not, they brought me to Dallas.
That's very interesting what I am going to tell you--in an ambulance from Houston--and there was a Dr. Paul Williams-- he told me that without operation he would put me on my feet. I never went back to Houston, even to close my apartment or to close my office. but I moved my apartment and my offices here to Dallas and I offered people that worked with me, that I would pay them for whatever loss they had, because in selling their houses and moving here, lock, stock and barrel, I never went back. I was so mad, and I have lived here ever since with one exception. I believe it was in 1952--in 1952 I was asked by--you know General Anderson, by any chance?
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. Raigorodsky.
He was what we call--there was an organization in Europe called SRE, Special Representatives to Europe. There was an Ambassador Draper at the head of it, and Ambassador Anderson is a Deputy, and in 1952 Ambassador Anderson asked me to come to Europe and help them with production, so I went to Europe to improve the production of tanks, planes, ammunition, et cetera for all the NATO countries.
I was Deputy Director of Production. Now, I think I was getting along all right and again I got sick in my neck this time, so they flew--me they flew me to Johns Hopkins and found out that I had bad neck. By the way, I'm not supposed to have this, but here is my card.
(Handed instrument to Counsel Jenner.)
I left in such a hurry, they flew me under such pain, that I didn't return anything, and I had to start to destroy most of the things, and I didn't destroy this one. I stayed there for several months and then I came back here and I have been here ever since, living here, going to different places, going to Europe and I made trips to Europe, Tahiti, Jamaica, and finally bought a plantation
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