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(Testimony of George S. De Mohrenschildt Resumed)

Mr. Jenner.
Professor Zitkoff, in Houston. I thought that might stimulate your recollection. Did you make regular trips to Houston?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes; quite often.
Mr. Jenner.
Were they substantially regular--once a month?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. No, no. Without regularity, but quite often--mainly to see my clients there.
Mr. Jenner.
And your clients were who?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. In the oil business--I mainly used to come to see my friend John Jacobs, vice president of Texas Eastern, and the social acquaintances that I had there--Andy Todd, an architect there, a professor at Rice Institute. And maybe somebody else I don't recall the name.
Mr. Jenner.
But these trips to Houston were strictly business?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes. Maybe I was trying at the time to push forward my project in Haiti, you see, whereby I was trying to raise some money for the development of small industries in Haiti. And on that occasion I saw quite a few important people. But purely for that purpose--purely for business.
Mr. Jenner.
All right. Is your daughter, Alexandria, a painter or an artist?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. No; my wife's daughter is a painter.
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. Jenner.
Was there a time when both Christiana and your daughter were living in Dallas with you?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes, indeed.
Mr. Jenner.
In your 1957 venture with the International Cooperation--as an agent of the International Cooperation Administration, in addition to Poland, as I understand it, you visited France?
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. No. Sweden and Denmark.
Mr. Jenner.
France, Sweden and Denmark?
Mr. Jenner.
Had you in mind, or did you hope during that period, that you would also visit Switzerland, England, Italy, and West Germany?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes; but I didn't see those countries--I didn't have time to see them. Instead of that, I stayed much longer in Sweden, visiting some distant relatives there.
Mr. Jenner.
Did you have any political discussions with any so-called true Communists when you were in Yugoslavia?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Political discussions?
Mr. Jenner.
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Arguments; yes. Discussions, occasionally. The real argument I had--I think maybe I mentioned it yesterday--was with the head of the Communist Party in Slovenia, who attacked me very strongly for being an American and for the fact that we had this Arkansas case, with Governor Faubus. He was very obnoxious, and I told him that he reminded me of an ultraconservative in the United States--they were both of the same type, very illogical and very biased in their opinions.
Mr. Jenner.
Biased and rigid?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes; but I think in my stay in Yugoslavia, and without taking too much pride in it, I made more friends for the United States than anybody else, because they could--I could explain to them the opportunities given to foreign born in the United States, and how joyful the life is in the States. For instance, I used to explain to them how an independent can drill an oil well with no money. To them it was beyond comprehension. To them it was a miracle that a man like me was able to promote enough money to drill an oil well. For them, it needed endless bureaucracy and enormous amount of papers and all that, and finally the well was drilled, and at an enormous price when it could have been done very cheaply by purely organizing a small syndicate. And since I had small production of my own, I explained to them how I did that. And it was a fascinating story for them. So I think I did a good job and made a lot of friends, who used to write to me from there.
Mr. Jenner.
Did you make a trip to Europe in 1960? At that time, did you
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