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(Testimony of George S. De Mohrenschildt Resumed)

Mr. Jenner.
from one place to another--three times, as far as I remember, she changed domiciles.
And finally returned to Lee.
Mr. Jenner.
You remember this event you related yesterday, when you took Marina from the home?
Mr. Jenner.
As having occurred.----
I have the impression it was in September. But it is, again, only a recollection, because I remember that it was a very hot day-- very sunny, hot day. So it could be in October. And also in October we started working on this campaign, cystic fibrosis campaign, and were very busy. But it might have been in October.
Mr. Jenner.
Mrs. Ford's recollection is that Marina was at her home--she came there on November 11, and left on November 17.
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. It could be that.
Mr. Jenner.
And this is while Marina was separated temporarily from her husband?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes. Unless she had been twice at her home. I think she was only once at her home. There were three homes--once at Mellers, the Fords, and the third at the Rays, one after another, in succession.
Mr. Jenner.
Now, this is apparently part of that series of changes she made when she left, herself--that is, this was not an occasion when you took her?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. No; I think that is the occasion we took her--we took her to the Mellers, and then she moved from them by herself--that we had no knowledge of. How she moved or who took her from one house to another, I do not know.
Mr. Jenner.
You have a recollection there were two periods---one period that you are talking about when you took her from the home, and then, another period when she left the home, herself?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. That could be, very easily. But then it would fit very well in my schedule that would have been the second time because, at that time, we were not seeing the Oswalds. We were busy on something else, Jeanne was working both in the store and at the foundation, I was preparing my project, and we were very busy, and didn't see anybody, practically, and especially the Oswalds.
October, November; I don't think we saw them at all in October, November, December.
Mr. Jenner.
Did I ask you about Betty MacDonald this morning, as to whether she was at that February 1963 party?
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Oh, yes; I think that is the librarian. The name MacDonald sounds familiar to me. Is she Pierce's fiance? That is how I remember her.
Mr. Jenner.
I am just trying to get these two events. Marina recalls when they lived on Elsbeth Street she had a dispute with Lee, and--about her Russian friends, in which he said, "Well, if you like your friends so much, then go ahead and live with them."
And she said that left her no choice, so she got in a cab and went over to Anna Meller's house with the baby.
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Oh, that is how she described it.
Mr. Jenner.
She was there a week.
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. That was the second time? What month was it?
Mr. Jenner.
I don't know.
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Well, we took her there. But maybe she went there for the second time, you see.
Mr. Jenner.
Well, she may have forgotten you took her.
Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. Yes; maybe she forgot it. You know, we took all the furniture also. I could not forget that--because my car was loaded. You could practically feel the gound. I still have the same car in Haiti today.
We had a tremendous load in our car. It took us the whole day to load and unload and carry them.
Mr. Jenner.
Now, she voiced the opinion that--she said Lee liked you.
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