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(Testimony of Mrs. Frank H. (Valentina) Ray)

Mr. Liebeler.
Did you ever learn of anyone else giving the Oswalds any money or groceries or clothes or anything like that?
Mrs. Ray.
No; I think everybody tried to help her with clothes, mostly. I gave her some of my clothes and I knew we all had given them things but I don't how of anyone gave them money and I believe Mr. George Bouhe tried to help him find job; I knew that much and I don't know if they succeeded. I think last job, I think he had with some printing company, I believe Mr. Bouhe found for him. He was making $1.35 an hour.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did Marina have any money or did you ever see her spend any money?
Mrs. Ray.
No; I never was around her much that she ever went to store. She never had any clothes hardly for herself except what was given by us.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you know what Lee and Marina Oswald talked about that night Lee came over to your house?
Mrs. Ray.
No; I Sent them in bedroom and they talking. I think mostly it was he begged her to come back.
Mr. Liebeler.
But Marina never told you what they talked about?
Mrs. Ray.
No; she said he practically went on knees and begged her to come back; he was very--and she left. She mostly mention he cried and begged her and said "I think I go back." I said, "After all, he is your husband," I said, you know, "better, of course, you go back."
Mr. Liebeler.
Have you had any discussions with any of your friends or have you given any thought since, yourself, since the assassination as to what might have motivated Oswald to do this, assuming he is the one who killed the President?
Mrs. Ray.
Of course, we discussed the assassination but we mostly say did you ever think he would do it, and, say for instance, I would say to Mrs. Ford; she said "No; I never dreamed he would do it." :Then we would discuss lot of people say he was maybe connected with someone else but to my knowledge everybody I asked, nobody thinks he was connected with anyone, but done it on his own.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you discuss why he might have done it?
Mrs. Ray.
No; because I don't know and I don't think anybody really knows what prompted him to do such a thing.
Mr. Liebeler.
Have you discussed with your friends and thought about any possible connection between Oswald and Jack Ruby?
Mrs. Ray.
Quite a few friends called me and asked me if I knew anything about it and I said no, that I had no idea he would be connected with Ruby.
He was not the kind of man to go into night clubs or any place like that; therefore, when I read article in paper where he had been in Carousel Club, I was very much surprise because did not seem like Lee Oswald. He was not a night-club, girlie- show-type, not to me at all and I talked to Marina in last few weeks and she said he never wanted to go to nightclub. He despised them.
Mr. Liebeler.
Has Marina ever indicated to you since the assassination or even before the assassination what kind of husband Oswald was to her?
Mrs. Ray.
We talked little bit about that since---I mean this last few weeks, February or even first of March, I asked her, she said he was very kind to her.
He would tell her more things than he would anybody else. He could completely confide in her at times, even cry sometime when he talk to her, when he talked to her about his feelings and ambitions and he was just absolutely crazy about his children. He was positively and he was so possessive about the children even in my presence, it was uncomfortable. He would feed that little girl until she couldn't open her mouth. He said, "Let me see your teeth" and he would stick another spoonful until the child would throw up and until now she's rotten spoiled and Marina said it is because of him. He worshiped her, I should say. He did absolutely everything for that child and he did hit her sometimes and then he would cry, "Why did I do it; what possessed me to do it" but, I said, "Do you think he loved you?" She said, "Yes, I am certain he did love me" and this is after this all happened.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did Marina ever say anything to you about Oswald's attitude toward sex or their own sexual relations?
Mrs. Ray.
She never said and I have never asked her but I think I did
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